Catalog search for mobile should also add UGC Items

The Issue
As a Roblox developer, and a UGC accessory buyer, it is currently inconvenient, for me to search for UGC accessories in mobile.
I attempted to search for the ‘Copper Hat’(made by @WhoToTrus) in the catalog in Roblox Mobile, though it redirected me to accessories only have been made by Roblox.
This is very inconvenient, because I was forced to scroll down, the ‘Community Creations’ section in the catalog for Roblox mobile, which took me long before I found the UGC accessory I was suppose to buy. This is not just an inconvenience for me, but for other users who are also attempting to search for UGC items for mobile.

Feature Request
Roblox should make the search bar for the catalog in Roblox mobile have the ability to search for not only Roblox-made accessories, but also for UGC creations.

If Roblox could address this issue, it would be easier for users to make it more accessible for to search the specific name of their favorite UGC accessory, and this would also help the UGC developers as they’re accessories would be easily been spotted and bought instantly if they add this feature.

It would also save time for users, to instead of searching the UGC accessories by scrolling down a huge number of UGC accessories in the ‘Community Creations’ section, they could easily spot their selected UGC item with the help of the Roblox-mobile catalog search bar.