Catalog Web API is restricted for audios

A few weeks ago Roblox restricted proxy servers from accessing the catalog search web API for audios. The first link returns results while the second link returns nothing. Works fine for every category except audio.

Is this the intended behavior? If so, what is the work around?


I was having this problem and learned that Roblox no longer allows un-logged-in users to search the audio catalog, which causes proxies to return an empty table when searching audio. They added AssetService:SearchAudio() which searches the catalog through the client. This change only affected audio and none of the other asset categories.

Now that searching audio with HttpService is deprecated, the new way is to use AssetService:SearchAudio() through the client instead of the server.

This makes me wonder if they will soon be adding SearchImages() and SearchMesh() for the other categories. I wouldn’t mind this change since I’m not too comfortable with proxies.


Hi, we are looking into this issue, and will keep you posted on the results.


The empty results for audio searches on is a bug. We are actively working on a fix.


It is a bug? Another Roblox staff told me that this was an intentional change.

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Hi @ShinyGriffin it’s a bug from the point of view that the product requirements for this particular use case were undefined when the code was shipped. We’ve since verified the correct behavior with Product, and assets which are public at the time of acquisition, but later become non-public should be visible to the end user.


Thank you for the clarification!

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Hi @ShinyGriffin. We recently deployed a fix to resolve this issue. Let me know if you’re still having problems accessing audio from with an unauthenticated user.


If you need to search the audio, you can use AssetService:SearchAudio() method with pcall function