- A free, rotating proxy for Roblox APIs

Purchase log, join leave, chatlogs

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SoapUI is useful for stuff like this.

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hello, seems that accountsettings api is not supported by roproxy. will it be anytime soon?

1 Like returns [] which didn’t before

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See Catalog Web API is restricted for audios. A replacement engine API has been added.

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Yea saw that. Started using AssetService now.

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Sure, it’s been added.


some apis isn’t work stable. (friends api)


@okfalse is there any pricing chart for games with a high number of requests? If I make a game using RoProxy and it gets successful im sure it would send a lot of requests and RoProxy would then block the requests and I would get the game broke and lose players. Im gonna implement a cache to make less requests, but Im asking just to know.

Hello there

Im using this url to get the player’s shirts/pants etc.: ""

but when i get the data from it, it only gives 10 assets from the player, anybody knows how to get ALL the assets from it?

thanks :smiley:

edit: nvm i already found how to do it, if ur interested, click here

oh nice how do i make it that it sends more then 10 Assets i tierd once i still get 10

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there is plenty of info in the documentation, if you want to get more than 10 assets from 1 request u need to add into the url the “Limit” parameter, there are just 3 sizes (10,28 and 30 idk why but u can’t use more than 30 i assume)

this is the url that i use to get all the accesories created by a player that are on-sale:

the CreatorTargetId parameter needs the Id of the player and the Cursor parameter is a code in case that there is a second page of data (if the player has 30+ accesories, the url will give u 1 code to use in the Cursor parameter that shows u all the info in the second page, if there is a third page, it will give another code, and it will continue giving more codes until u reach the last page of the data).

hope it helps!

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What’s the proxy for your images not decals

Player game passes would be an amazing whitelist

Right now we have to loop through every game from the API and check those places gamepasses

it gets blocked for some reason

roblox one works no issues

the reason it got blocked is because malicious tools like SearchBlox use these apis to get the player in the server


I believe Roblox recently imposed stricter rate limits on most catalog and some economy API endpoints, and as a result of this I’ve seen a major increase in the amount of 429s RoProxy has returned to my web server from these APIs. Is there anything you could change on RoProxy’s end to account for this? Maybe adding more IPs to the pool?

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im not even getting 429’s, cloudfare for roproxy is straight up temp blocking my ip when I create too much requests but with such a large user base there is no other way to scale it down


There’s no point in blocking it for this, Roblox themselves due to these issues return an empty player array and only 5 player avatar tokens instead of all of them to counteract this.

Basically in a server with 20 players, the chance of someone locating you by avatar is 25%, and most servers are of bigger size such as 40 and 50.

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