Categories' notifications settings aren't working?

Hello. I’ve been trying to mute #help-and-feedback, but it always gets unmuted automatically. I’m on another computer rn, I can’t upload a video of this, sorry

"Why would you do that?"

I don’t use help and feedback. I’m not good at talking with people around here, and when I need help, I’ll probably fix the problem already before getting an adequate answer. When my eyes look at anything in that category, I want to cry inside.

Anyone else experiencing this?

EDIT: I found out that I can’t set notifications settings on any of the categories.

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Periodically categories I mute get unmuted as well.

But can you set notifications settings on any other catogory? (e.g. mute #development-discussion)

Yes, and I actually do have it muted

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I can’t reproduce this on Forum Feedback following the exact steps you are doing. Does it still happen without browser extensions? Anything in console?

If you wait a minute before closing/refreshing the tab, does that fix it?


It still happens without extensions and if I wait for some time. I’ll try clearing cache, if it works, I’ll let you know.

Figure I chuck this in although it does not invalidate the issue you’re having, but I typically manage my category notifications from my preferences page rather than the category itself since I’ll normally be changing a lot of them at one time.

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I found one more issue with the method you are using: if you unmute #collaboration:portfolios and #collaboration:recruitment, those categories will still be in “muted categories” thing (until you clear your cache).


Do you have the Collaboration category muted, but Recruitment and Portfolios unmuted? I believe subcategories inherit the notification status of the parent category but not vice versa.

Or I could have no idea what I’m talking about, and the issue with directly managing forum notifications is the same as from the preferences window. The category doesn’t show for me at all.


Previously I had Collaboration subcategories muted (they are by default), and they behaved a little bit strange. Guess there’s some special manipulation to it, because even though subcategories are muted, you still see all posts on the categories page.