Categories Of Collaboration Appearing Incorrectly

Hey there!

I found a bug with the dropdown menu of #collaboration. The image will explain it all.
Screenshot 2020-11-03 223900

I believe the two "undefined"s are supposed to be “all” and “none”, but I may be wrong.

I am running Windows 10 Google Chrome.

I’m not able to reproduce this, I see only one undefined in my browser. Running it on Microsoft Edge beta Version 87.0.664.18

Go to Portfolios, then click the dropdown.


Using Google Chrome version 86.0.4240.111, can’t repro either.

I have a feeling this is because one of the slots is meant to show #collaboration:private-recruitment, but since you are a member, you can’t access it. And the other slot is meant to be the toggle between all/none. Perhaps ask about this?

Edit: doesn’t happen on meta :thinking: