Category of "What are you working on? (2018)" thread

We want new members to be able to see and reply to this thread. It will be moved to a more appropriate category in the long-term.


I feel like moving this thread to the inception forum has killed activity in it?


I agree with you tbh.

Wait since when was this thread in the inception forum?

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Since a while.

@Rootie_Groot I think having this in the inception Forum is seriously killing the activity of the thread.

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Agreed. People can’t really find this anymore, and its not selectable from the home page (you have to go into the specific category and scroll through everything) @Nightgaladeld might wanna see this.

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@Nightgaladeld Agreed when you get on please check this out .3.

I moved these posts out of the “What are you working on” thread since they were off-topic there.

We’ll discuss how we can move the thread to a better spot but still allow new members to post on it. Sorry for the inconvenience so far.

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I understand the purpose behind the move, but the thread isn’t as easily accessible anymore. I believe if we have the “cool creations” subcategory available to be seen by new members, and move the thread there, it would be very conveniant.

This has been a long time coming, but is finally fixed. Thread moved back to Cool Creations and New Members can now reply there.

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