Cathedral corridor feedback

hey everyone! so im looking for some feedback on a cathedral corridor im working on. i still plan to color some of the arches a lighter white, but this is basically done. feedback would be much appreciated! im looking to get a realistic but still roblox esque result. thanks!
(sorry about the quality on the pictures)


Looks very nice, not sure if u plan to expand the cathedral but keep up the good work :).

I’m not a builder, so take my comments with a grain of salt.

The form and scale are fairly good. The lanterns seem to have just the right level of detail and the cathedral hall has good arches that make sense for the architecture. I could stand to see a bit more texture in the walls, they’re a bit flat right now. Maybe some rustication patterns could help make the windows’ detail look a little less jarring? The pillars don’t meet up very well with the arches, either.

There are some seam issues where you can see outside. Also the floor’s lighting looked a little flat, maybe set its material to concrete so you have less reflections, or make the tiles 3D.

Right now I think the two biggest things to work on would be:
1.) to have better flow with your detailing work. As I mentioned earlier, the walls are flat and the windows’ detailing looks a little jarring with the rather cartoony adjacent walls,
2.) fix the seam issues. They really take me out of a build and tend to scream “this isn’t real”.

all in all, it looks basically good.