Causes of Demotivation and How to Overcome It

Hello there! I’m Nick, a small developer on Roblox. I see a ton of posts in Development Discussion about demotivation. I’m here to make one topic to “end them all.” Today, I will be discussing some common causes of demotivation and how to overcome it.

Please note that this is different for everyone. These are some common causes and solutions, however, feel free to share any causes of demotivation that you experience and your tips on how to “solve” it!

First, I’ll start with causes. If you can find out why you’d demotivated, it may help you overcome it!


1. Your game isn’t popular.

This is a very common cause. We’ve all been there, you make a game and spend ages on it, for it to have no concurrent players.

2. You haven’t made any Robux.

Even if you do have concurrent players, your game hasn’t made any Robux.

3. People don’t like your game

Your game may have a terrible like ratio, or you may have hateful comments on your group wall. Even your friends may not like it.

4. You don’t feel good enough.

You feel like you can’t match other people’s expectations.

Overcoming Demotivation

So, you know some of the causes. How can you overcome it?

1. Get friends to play your game.

If nobody’s playing, find some friends to play your game! If you… uhh… don’t have friends, you could go online. A **NON ADVERTISEMENT** post in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations could help.

2. Find a development partner.

This helped me personally. Find someone who you know and fully trust, and ask them to develop with you. If you struggle with finding ideas, you two can bounce ideas off each other until you find a good one. If you need to work on multiple systems at the same time, you and your friend can do that. O you could have different “specializations,” such as a programmer and a modeler.

3. Take a break.

If you feel over stressed, a break might help to calm your nerves.

4. Make a plan

I’ve personally had the issue before where I don’t plan out a game. Then, updates are late because you start adding huge features and the game becomes blown out of proportion. Making a plan and sticking to it can help.

5. Change your goals.

If you’d new to development, maybe you’re focusing on the wrong thing. Fo instance, with your first game you may want to get hundreds of concurrent players and make thousands of robux. Starting out, that should not be your focus. When you start developing, the motivation for making games should be developing new skills and having fun, not becoming huge and successful. Once you’d developed your skills more, then you can work on making a professional game.

6. Don’t let others get to you.

If people keep talking down to you or giving hateful comments on you game, don’t let it get you down. That’s not to say that feedback or constructive criticism shouldn’t be taken, but outright hate or trash talk should be disregarded. Unless it’s a meaningful contribution to your game, don’t bother.

Thank you for reading this! If you have any causes of demotivation or solutions, be sure to post them below! And please, don’t let demotivation get to you. You have a huge community of developers here that have you back!

Thank you for helping and supporting those people who are demotivated in developing


Awesome point, my game just failed and a mistake I think many people would make is to keep developing. For now, I’m just gonna slow down and be a normal Robloxian for a month or so and then I might return.

Also very true. Certain parts of development can get extremely toxic at times. This doesn’t just apply to Roblox either, but everywhere. If you feel like you aren’t happy, you gotta step out.


God I can’t believe how much this has helped me. Having someone to bounce ideas off of and review your work is super helpful! I recommend this to anyone who is losing motivation.


Please place this in #resources:community-resources


This is probably the thing that helped me the most :smiley: I usually try to take on very large projects and then get demotivated after I am not able to complete it :slight_smile:

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Yeah! I use my good friends @Dev_JayR and @Giyutsu for help! :sunglasses:

I should start setting smaller goals. :flushed:


You are always going to get demotivated at some point. It’s really not possible to avoid it.

The key to making a game and sticking with it is to discipline yourself to keep working on it even when you don’t feel like it. Discipline is the key to an efficient development process


Would that be the correct category? Both seem suitable.

Yes it would because this is a resource for the community.

I went ahead and moved it.

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