Cave Explorer, a VR Horror game!

Howdy Ya’ll!

About a year ago, I set out with the express goal of working more with Roblox VR.
One of my first projects, was just an exploration game, as I was also learning how to use 3D perlin noise for terrain.
It was… functional, but kinda rough.

On top of that, I also figured out how to do VR climbing! By utilizing Align Rotation and Position with reaction forces, it allows me to move the character by anchoring one of the hands.

Functional again, very rough… again. (both these vids are of the old build, and no longer representative of the current product)

I was like “huh, this is kinda spooky. ima add a monster”

he was very simple. spawning directly behind you, and making noise. surprisingly effective if people didn’t know there was a monster…

but this simply wouldn’t do!

There was no reason to go into the caves! no challenge! nothing to overcome! I wanted to revisit this, but never had a good reason to. And then I saw it… Submit your Halloween games to be featured thread two days before deadline…
I figured "Well… 2020 has been pretty big for Roblox VR… Maybe they’d consider a VR game?

So began the crunch time. I threw together a quick script, and got my friend David to voice the questgiver in the beginning. Coded together a better monster from scratch. spent waaaay too long going through the APM library for decent horror music for atmosphere. and even redid the surface generation!

I made the deadline! And didn’t get in… because VR is too niche or something? :thinking: idk…
Anyway, this is fully playable, and beatable (although it is somewhat hard)
Just get the lava, and bring it back to the house. I recommend not looking on my twitter, and not looking up any videos on it to stay spoiler free of the actual contents of the caves.

Good luck

EDIT: minor side story related to this project

So my friend david streams on twitch as a primary source of income, and he met a few random people while playing siege, and talked about how he had just done some work for me.
Their response was not just “oh cool”, but actually having said they played this game, and liked it.
(language warning btw)

I was in chat at the time, and the moment kinda just breezed past as “oh cool”. and then it hit me how friccin COOL that moment was


Could you change the normal Roblox walking sound to a more realistic one as if you are playing on VR you will want it to seem as real as possible. Just a suggestion to make it more life like.

those videos are from the old version. I can’t really show off the new version stuff without spoiling, sadly.

but if you absolutely must know what it sounds like now

Elite Lupus did a video, and left the sound on.


That sounds great. Good luck :slight_smile:

Very clean game. Really like the idea. Sadly I don’t have a VR.

Bro, ima go play that right now! that looks sick! and I love horror games.

Oh you actually need vr for it work oh well I don’t have vr sadly!