CB Productions l Job Info

Welcome to CineBlox Productions!


If you are interested in getting a job at the CineBlox Cinema, then you’re at the right place. Down below are all the steps in getting hired! :clipboard:

1. Join the group!
To keep our community safe and organized, we require all staff members to be in the group, otherwise, they can’t work. Click here to join!

2. Read our Rules
Before applying, read our staff rules and expectations in the Staff Rules section of our CineBlox Productions™ l Information board.

3. Apply at the Application Center
To get a step closer to getting a job, apply at the application center.
Join this game: Application Center - Roblox
Once you’re in, click Apply on Trainee Application.

You’ll be loaded into your application. The application consists of multiple-choice, written response, and scale-type questions.

There are two types of written responses, long responses, and short responses. Both have a different limit of characters you can use. Make sure your short responses answer the question you’re being asked and your long responses use complete sentences. You are expected to use correct capitalization and punctuation in both types of responses.

Once you have completed all of your questions, you can write any notes you’d like the team to know about your application and finally hit SUBMIT! Stay in the game until the game tells you that your application is submitted.

In case your application fails to submit, you should try applying later. The game cannot save your application, therefore, take a screenshot of your answers or write them down somewhere to use them later.

Note that applications are read manually, NOT automatically. Meaning, it will take a day or more to get your application read.

If at any time you are ranked Trainee, you passed your application. If you are still a Customer, wait for the next day to try again. :warning:You can only submit applications once every 24 hours. If you don’t think you’re passing and you don’t know why, read these steps again. If that doesn’t help, feel free to contact us through our Discord server or group wall.

4. Go to training!
Once you’re ranked to Trainee, you’re able to go to training to officially get a job at the Cinema.

If you see an announcement like the one below, we’re currently holding a training session! Read the announcement carefully to find out what time training is going to be held and make sure that training is for you.

All sessions are held at the Training Center - image
You can find what jobs you may train for by going to the CineBlox Productions™ l Information board. On this board, all information about training can be found inside the Training Center section.

Keep in mind that training usually lasts 30-45 minutes and you’re expected to stay during your entire session to get the job you’re training for.

5. That’s it!
Make sure to give it your all during your training. We can’t wait to see you working with us at the Cinema!