[CE] Carbon Engine | Revolutionary FPS Combat Technology

I love how the domain attached to the owners doc redirects me to an adult site.

The engine is discontinued plus, he gives only what make the guns work he doesn’t actually make them

by the way, these invites are permanent unless someone disable them

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LoL i don’t think the engine is disconnected

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Thank you man I loved vanguards M16A1

It got discontinued will receive only a few more security patches.

Carbon been discontinued <click the link

Can someone please help, the discord server link is broken, so I can’t ask for help. What am I doing wrong here:

I love Carbon Engine. It is crazy how well-coded it is. I do have one issue though, I was using Carbon Engine for my game, and every time I equip the weapons or even shoot them they actually drop my frames. This is obviously an issue as it affects the gameplay of others, I checked everything for viruses and etc but there was nothing, I deleted some useless models and that didn’t work either. Does anyone know a fix to this?

Hey there! I was wondering if there is a friendly fire section to this, or if I will need to make one myself.

the discord link expired, mind updating it please?

I am wondering this as well. I can’t find one.

Can’t we just have a discord invite link that doesn’t expire?

It would be cool if we could modify the code for our own liking/to support our own genre of game we are trying to use this for. Like a survival game: We dont want full mags but instead a integer value which we can then use to reload mags etc

Currently having a problem where when you’re killed you don’t respawn

Works fine for me. If your using a version from a rblx file then theyre out dated.

You may just delete this line I guess.

I wouldn’t recommend Alpha Engine, I tried it and its pretty raw at the moment. A lot of bugs for me personally

Hello work on alpha engine please theres alot of bugs and your scamming alot of people who paid for premium which isnt a good look at all

So, how do you enable the stamina option?