Celeste II Information

Default Terminal Settings:

  • 10v14 (10 Defenders to be official)
  • Dualcap
  • 800 Point Cap
  • 0.01 Cap Time
  • 1 Point increase
  • 2 Point Rollback Decrease
  • 60 Minute Raid Timer
    (Still being updated, we are still figuring out what settings are best)

Marshals+ can make raids official.

Note: Celeste II is an ancient fort, there may be bugs. Please don’t expect 2020 quality, the place is mostly for nostalgic purposes.

:alock - Bars allies from joining defenders team
:allowallies - Lets allies join defenders team

Celeste II Retouched: https://www.roblox.com/games/5350742332/Frostaria-Celeste-II-8G-Retouched