Celestro | Noted Customer Information

Celestro | Noted Customer Information

The Noted Customer role is given to those who are former HR/SRs or have contributed towards Celestro in some way. As a Noted Customer, you receive several perks such as a yellow name tag in-game and your own chat on our communications server. However, breaking our rules may result in your Noted Customer being removed. More information will be provided below.

Who receives Noted Customer?

  • Former HRs, former SRs and former developers
  • Development contributors
  • Famous Robloxians
  • Friends of the owner

What can result in my Noted Customer being removed?
You position as a Noted Customer can be removed at any time by a member of the Presidential Team if you break our code of conduct or communications server rules. Our code of conduct can be found in our handbook and our communications server rules can be found in the #server-information channel on our communications sever.

Leadership Team

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