Celestro | Partnership Guide

Celestro | Partnership Information

We are always interested in forming partnerships with other groups. However, for your group to be partnered with us, you must meet the following requirements, and you should submit an application to our Public Relations Department.


  1. Your group must have at least 20+ members.
  2. Your group must have a Discord server.
  3. You’re required to have two allied representatives for your group if you do pass.
  4. Your group must be professional and well-rounded.
  5. Your group must be willing to announce and attend Celestro events.


  1. What is the name of your company?
  2. How many members does your company have?
  3. Why have you chosen to form an alliance with Celestro?
  4. How will your company benefit Celestro?
  5. How many sessions would be hosted on a normal day?
  6. How would you like Celestro to benefit your company?
  7. Have you got any questions or concerns for Celestro?

Public Relations Department


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