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Celestro | Interview Guide


Start: [TRAININGS] | Host: Username | Co-Host: Username | Head on down to the Training Center for the chance of getting a promotion!

Slocked: [TRAININGS] | Slocked | Unfortunately, this training session has now been slocked. Apologies if you were unable to attend.

Concluded: [TRAININGS] | Concluded | This training session has now concluded. Congratulations to those who passed and better luck next time to those who didn’t.

Cancelled: [TRAININGS] | Cancelled | This training session has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Host: m If you have any enquiries, please take a seat and say “PTS” or “Question”.

Host: m “PTS” is now denied at this time. Talking at this moment will result in a removal from the server.

Host: m Greetings and welcome to Celestro Trainings! I’m [USERNAME]; the host for this session. Thank you to those who have made time to attend this session.

Co Host: m Hello, I’m [USERNAME]; the Co-Host for this session. I wish everyone the best of luck throughout this training session.

Host: sm Before we begin, I will be going over some crucial information regarding this training session.

Host: sm During this session, there will be 4 segments; the greetings segment, the simulations segment, the ordering segment, and the trivia segment.

Host: sm During the greetings segment, you can obtain 1 point. During the simulations and trivia, you can obtain 2 points but during the ordering segment, you can obtain 3.

Host: sm Trainees need to obtain 6 points by the end of the session to pass. Junior Juicers needs to obtain 7, and Professional Juicers need to obtain all 8 points.

Co-Host: sm I will now go over the rules for this session, please remain attentive at all times.

Co-Host: !annrules (This will announce the rules)

Co-Host: sm Those were all of the rules for this session, thank you for your adrehance and patience.

Host: sm Since we have gone over the rules, and you are all eligible for an interview, we will now begin. Remain seated until you are teleported by your trainer.


Greetings, I am [username] and I will be your trainer for today. I will be assisted by [username]

ASSISTANT: Salutations, I am [username] and I will be assisting your trainer throughout this session. I wish you all the best of luck.

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