Cell-Based grid placement system (IN_DEVELOPING_STAGES)

Hi all!

Recently I tried finding a good cell-based grid placement system that fitted my needs, and I found a few that worked but were too complicated to customise/optimise.

So I made my own. I figured I share it. Fully open, easy to modify, all that nice stuff. Il make different versions and upload them here.

VER_1 > Prototype

This prototype does the following.
Creates a grid to place parts on.
Ghost block to show you what you are about to create or destroy
Place part
Destroy Part
Toggle build mode (Place/Destroy/Off)


Grab here:
CellGridSystem_V1_Prototype.rbxm (8.1 KB)
< Click for marketplace asset >

If you do happen to use this, no need to credit, however just remember who started it :wink:

Feel free to post modified versions in the replies!