Cel/toon-shading effect using ForceField


I would like to start off by saying, This method does not 100% imitate CEL Shading and results are not as good as inverse-sizing a mesh (in my opinion),

I haven’t seen anyone do something like this yet and I was recommended to open source this so here i am:

These are meshes overlayed with a duplicate that has the material and color as black forcefield,
This takes advantage of the forcefield’s “outline property”.


  1. Firstly, Get a mesh, Have two copies of it (in the same position)
  2. Secondly, Chose one of the copies (Copy1), resize it from the center making the mesh slightly larger than the other (Copy2), as a result covering the other mesh,
  3. Lastly, set the material and color to black forcefield.

CELTutorial.rbxl (2.8 MB)


Can you do this to a player? Like making cel lighting on the character


I imagine you could, I will give this a shot as soon as i can :+1:


Here’s how it would roughly look, i haven’t gotten round to scripting it yet:


Sorry for the SUPER late reply, But i tried this on a character and didn’t get the effect you got, How would i achieve this?

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Following the steps should give you the result shown above, i’ve just tested it again and it still works so it should still work, make sure you haven’t missed any steps :slightly_smiling_face:

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This wouldn’t work on low graphics I’m pretty sure.

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It does, I’ve checked it out and it still works

(Obviously the effect is better on higher graphics though)

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Is this correct, This doesn’t look much like what you had on the picture.

It is correct, just don’t size it that much and it should be the same as the picture. There’s a video aswell showing how i did it exactly

I tried this. Remove the textures if it has.