Central Roleplay Community | Maple County | Patch #4 | 11 - 01 - 2022

Apartment Update

Hello everyone! We are excited to announce a lot of bug fixes, exploit patches and a couple of new quality of life changes, especially for guns, getting wanted and of course the heist system! As you may be aware, Maple County may still be pretty buggy, however it has been tested to the best of our ability and if you do have any bugs, feel free to report them when you can in our socials page on the game! We’ve noticed a huge decline in exploiters and we believe that a most exploit we’ve encountered have been dealt with. We are always actively working on the game and improving your experience and allowing your creativity to run wild with all the future features we’re planning! We look forward to seeing what you do with these new features. SO with out further ado, lets go through the patch notes!

Bugs and Fixes

  • GUNS!! I’ve read a lot of suggestions, watched a bunch of videos of civilians trying to kill cops and I’m really really sorry this wasn’t found earlier, but if any cop was wearing armour or hats from their customizer, civilians were not even able to shoot them and they became invincible. This is why a lot of you complained about the damages not even working! We have finally found the root cause and you may think that shooting people will be a lot easier now, and I mean, SUPER EASY. All the gun damages were buffed a lot!

  • Made some changes to the arresting system so when you are cuffed, your jail time starts immediately when you’re being grabbed. If you are put into jail, there was a bug where it would reset your jail timer which meant that some cops could literally put you in jail for almost 30 minutes at a time. This has been changed so as soon as you are arrested by a cop, you’ll spend the rest of your time in jail from the time that you had when you were arrested. For example if you get arrested and your jailtime is 3 minutes, the cop holds you for 2 minutes and then arrests you, you will only spend 1 minute in jail before you are released.

  • Stamina has been greatly decreased so when you run out of stamina it takes a while to charge!

  • AIs for jobs now disappear after closing time, this was an issue before but it has been fixed up again. I thought I fixed it before, but guess it just didn’t work out.

  • Add a failsafe for the black screen, if your player is unable to recover from a black screen. The screen will remove itself after 10 seconds. This isn’t an ideal fix, but it’s there for players to get rid of it until I can find a reason for this happening. The only thing I can think of is the interior loader is not activating, but give it a try and report all black screens personally to me!

  • Fixed a bug where if you were sitting down in a jail cell, you weren’t teleported out. This was fixed so the moment you’re teleported, your seat weld is deleted.

  • Fixed a bug where if you respawn whilst sitting in a car, it used to teleport you back to your car. This has been fixed so it teleports you back to the spawn

  • Implemented a change to the MDT, you are now able to search for license plates and player names

  • Fixed a bug where if you pressed 0 on an LEO vehicle without having a spotlight button, it would somehow let you onto the spotlight options menu, this has been fixed!

  • Fixed a bug where any team could spam click a button and it would allow you to duplicate your tools. This mainly was a bug for law enforcement teams only as the civilians had to go through an additional frame to purchase the weapons

  • Fixed a bug where if your laptop has a touch screen interface, the car would think that you are on a tablet/mobile and it would try to find the UI used in the roblox mobile app. This has been fixed to detect if a user has a keyboard, then it won’t use the touch enabled sequence. This was in preparation for mobile support, however we are not finished with that yet.

  • Possibly fixed a bug where the AI vehicles would stack on top of each other, this is because of the fact that when users die around the area of the jobs, it sometimes doesn’t despawn the cars? This should be fixed, but I’m unsure

  • Fixed a bug where people were unable to swim under water, this has been fixed by adding a density modifier to the player so you can go underwater.

  • Possibly fixed a bug where people were somehow not getting their interiors to load in. This was caused when your humanoid rootpart was taking a long time to load, the client will now wait until this is loaded.

  • Fixed an exploit where the exploiter would be able to utilize a remote event that kicks everyone out of their vehicles whether they were the owner of the car or not. This possibly for a security risk in the eject event where police officers could eject people from their cars.

  • Callsigns with the number “0” in it was being declined due to an internal issue, this has been fixed. Also added a callsign block to the number (911). This callsign is not allowed.

  • Fixed a bug that keeps appearing in all the patches where a prisoner who you have arrested always finds a way to jump out of the vehicle, breaking the police officer and the suspect at the same time. This has been fixed so that the player cannot ever jump and their controls are literally disabled.

  • Fixed a bug where if you put your car into park and turn your engine off, when you get back into the vehicle, it would put your car into a burnout. This was caused due to the client not being able to run through a function whilst the car is off. This should now be fixed. You should also be able to now steer your vehicle when the car is off.

  • Fixed a bug where if users stayed till the end of a civilian job and they were holding a work tool, any tool that they held would be deleted from the serverstorage and not the players hand which caused the entire job system to break.

  • Made it so the speed zone interface will only show speeds whilst in a car and not whilst walking around more, people said that this was quite annoying. If you would like this to be a setting, let me know!

  • Fixed a bug where MCSO could see every single user on their minimap when they checked the units button. This has been fixed to ensure safety of all civilians. (This is probably why everyone went to the MCSO team, haha lol).

  • Fixed a bug where police officers were unable to give people citations as warmings as it would always error out on them

  • Fixed a slight “hacky” way of people getting police guns from the police store and placing them in their trunk and then respawning as civilian to access the tools in their police trunk. Thank you to the people that were actually honest about this bug. You guys are all so very creative with getting your weapons!

  • Did some quality of life changes on the phone regarding the messages application. You can now see all of the users’ occupations such as if someone is on FPD, Droppin’ Donuts etc. You can also see when you have a message from someone as they will show up at the top of your list with a little blue icon that tells you how many messages they’ve sent to you.

  • Made changes to the radio sounds in the police teams, We believe these are a little more realistic!

  • Made some changes to the gun recoil, not sure how to describe it, just try it out and let me know!

New Features

  • Safe Zones!! All spawns, gun store and several areas of the map have now been patched up with safe zones. Users who are just spawning in or anyone within the area of a safe zone are unable to be harmed. People who leave the safe zone and become wanted, if you enter the safe zone again, you are able to be arrested and shot. All users that have a gun within a safe zone and have not left it yet are not able to be shot. They can actually shoot wanted people to help cops (THIS IS AN INTENDED FEATURE).

  • MAP FEATURES!! You ever got annoyed at your field of view on your minimap in the bottom corner? You can now adjust it by zooming it in and out. You can also go to your giant map and tick the postal map which will translate to your map to the bottom corner! You can also see other people on your map as well.

  • Cop Adjustments!! If a cop uses a taser on a suspect and they leave the game, everyone around that suspect is given XP for assisting arrest and the suspect gets given a 4 minute jailtime for evasion for evading arrest by leaving the game!

  • House Implements! We added a system where if you purchase a house you can actually set your spawn point from the settings app. This allows you to spawn inside your house. You may be thinking, how do I get my car from here? Well we thought of everything, inside your garage you have access to a computer that allows you spawn OWNED vehicles outside of your house. This is to encourage the housing system to be used instead of having everyone cramped at the spawn! (This is also another feature we have designed to help prevent people spawn killing or waiting for users to leave a safe zone and then kill them).

  • Road Signs! We added a system that allows all users to be able to see the speed limit of the roads. This is so people can know what speed limit they were suppose to be doing so a civilian can’t just be pulled over and not realize what the speed limit was. We have also added these road sign UIs to the police dash cams as well so you know exactly what the speed limit is.

  • Eject Button! Tired of civilians hiding themselves in their vehicles and you can’t do anything about it? Well now you can hold your handcuffs out and eject the user from the car! I believe this was a high demand feature and we decided to implement it. (On my mistake, it was actually a feature all this time, I just had the team colours set wrong).

  • Loadout Delete Button! So you know how you could create and save your loadouts and it only says you can save up to 9 loadouts. You know what I forgot? How to delete the loadouts you didn’t want to use anymore. This was a feature I totally forgot about.

  • ELEVATOR SYSTEM! (I worked 3 days on this so you better be happy). So you may have seen in some buildings that there was some unusable elevators or maybe as I was walking around in Maple County today, some of the elevators fell apart (Wyatt -.-). I’m not going to explain anything more of that, it’s just an elevator, go try it!

  • We have implemented the office building that a lot of people probably just ignored and drove by it. However it is based off of a TV show that we just wanted to add as an easter egg. This building will eventually be a job, so stay tuned for that!

  • Apartments. So you know how we have houses that you can purchase for rent, well we actually had an apartment building across from pizza paradise. The lobby was enterable and there was some weird prompts all over it, but this has been implemented and should now be accessible! You can go to the main lobby and purchase an apartment. Good luck looking for it though, there’s about 3 floors.