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EMS Update

Hello everyone! We are excited to announce the most exciting update for this month, Maple County Medical Services!!! As you may have noticed, we didn't update for an entire month to lay low for this new and special instalment to the emergency services cohort. We also did not forget about those annoying bugs that have been pestering you over the last month as well with introducing a few new features to all of the teams. As you know, Maple County is still a very temperamental game and does tend to break sometimes. We work hard on fighting those bugs so you have the most enjoyable experience. All the bug reports that you have reported have mostly been patched and dealt with and you shouldn't see as many as there used to be back in the first week we released. (31/12/2021).

Before we go through all of our latest features, we would like to thank you for all of your continuous support in this project. This project would not have been possible without our amazing developers and of course you guys to show appreciation for our hard work. Without further ado, lets get on with this months patch notes!

Maple County Medical Services

We have released a new team called MCMS, this is the name given to our EMS team. This team comes with a whole series of different features that not many games have to help you learn a little about how the EMTs deal with calls close to real life. These features include;


The new MCMS team features with the following vehicles;
  • 2017 F350 Squad
  • 2017 F350 Ambulance
  • 2016 Explorer
  • 2011 Express Ambulance

Vehicle Compartments

All MCMS Vehicles come with openable compartments, this is mostly just for decoration and videos, but you need to open the compartments to access your tools. You can also store things in your compartment if you wish you do so.


For those that have been sticking with us from the beginning, you should know that all vehicles and tools all require ranks to ensure that there is a form of progressing within the game. All teams such as the police department and sheriff department as well as all of the civilian jobs have ranks which show your seniority playing on that team. The ranks and requirements for this new team is as follows;
  • [1] - Probationary Paramedic
    0 XP Required
    Unlocks 2011 Express Ambulance

  • [2] - Paramedic Class III
    250 XP Required
    No Vehicles Unlocked

  • [3] - Paramedic Class II
    500 XP Required
    Unlocks 2017 F350 Ambulance

  • [4] - Paramedic Class I
    1,000 XP Required
    No Vehicles Unlocked

  • [5] - Advanced Care Paramedic
    2,000 XP Required
    Unlocks 2016 F350 Squad

  • [6] - Critical Care Paramedic
    4,000 XP Required
    No Vehicles Unlocked

  • [7] - Senior Paramedic
    6,500 XP Required
    Unlocks 2016 Explorer


Introducing our first ever stretcher with capabilities to raise and lower it as well with carry people onto it. This will be required on every single call that you take. Walking 300 meters away from your stretcher will force it to return to your stretcher.

AI / Player Calls

We have implemented our very first version of AI calls to this team. AI calls come through between 2 and 7 minutes to ensure that the team does not get flooded with calls.

Upon accepting a call, you are given a location that appears on your mini-map and on your screen so you can easily drive to the location. Arriving at the call location, you will see a person laying on the ground in which you have to treat using a medical bag and a defibrillator which are located within your compartments inside all of the MCMS vehicles.

Approaching the patient will allow you to follow a checklist on the side of your screen to help treat the patient. All of the options appear on top of each of the equipment that you place onto the scene. When you have successfully treated the patient, you will be asked to transport the patient using a stretcher that is only available within an ambulance. You will then be signalled a drop off point to receive your rewards for successfully helping the patient.


When a player is killed by another player, you will have the option to “wait for EMS”, this will ping a call to the EMS team which will allow them to come aid you and treat you as if you are an AI call and they will deliver you to the hospital which will then spawn you outside of it when you are healed. Players are able to talk from the body that is left behind to promote some kind of roleplay interactions!

Squad System

This is the first team that will implement and use our squad system method. This is an experimental system which allows users to team up together on calls so you’re not alone by yourself or so that certain calls are not overcrowded with people. We will try to ensure that there are enough calls for all paramedics and squads. Each squad can have a total of 2 players, this includes the leader. To create a squad, you see a new addition to the radio interface where you are able to “create squad”. You will be able to choose a name for your squad under a strict criteria. All squad names must have 3 letters and 1 number. For example “AMB1”.

Upon creating your squad, you will be able to “edit squad” which will allow you to edit your squad name and invite one person that is on your team to your squad.

All squads have benefits such as every member of the squad will have access to each others vehicles compartments to ensure that players share vehicles with each other whilst on calls. We hope that this new feature will encourage people to make friends and to come together to work in teams instead of alone.


Other Team Improvements

Within this section, you will see all of our hard work to ensure all the other teams at least get a little something from us;

Player Ordering Kiosks

So we’ve heard all of your suggestions and we know you’ve been asking for it, players are now able to interact with users at Droppin’ Donuts and Paradise Pizza. We’ve implemented ordering kiosks so you are now able to order food and receive donuts, smoothies, coffee, soda and pizzas from their providers. Upon ordering food, your order is sent to the kitchen and the employees will then make your order and give it to you when it is ready. Don’t leave the store though else the employees won’t be able to give you your food!

Before placing orders, you do have to spend your hard earned in game cash, this is to try and encourage you to stay in the store and wait for your food. We’ve also implemented all the tools so you can NOM NOM NOM all over maple county. After you’ve clicked the tool 5 times, you’ll have to get another!

Vehicle Spawner Revamps

So whilst we were working on the EMS update, we decided to touch on the vehicle spawners a little bit. You shall find that you can actually hold your right mouse button to spin 360 degrees around the vehicle and see absolutely everything! We also did a few changes to the car spawner models as well so the FPD and MCSO teams have a brand new car garage model which looks really amazing!

Make sure to check those out!

Night Time Crime

So it was a little bit silly that this wasn’t implemented within the first initial release of the Maple County, however IT’S HERE NOW! You can now rob banks and stores in the night! All doors will now require a prybar to access into doors in the night!

As soon as you crack into the doors of the bank, the police will be notified straight away and there will be no alarm so be careful as you will never know when the police will show up!

Tool Sounds

We thought a few of the tools were quite boring where you could click to swing a bat but there was absolutely no sound. We have added swinging noises, knife noises, eating noises with the new food tools! We will eventually get round to getting sounds for all of the tools to help ensure that you have the best experience possible!

Changes and Extras

We have implemented a few other updates to help people with certain things such as;

  • Pressing TAB to open the player list will now show the callsigns of users in the game so if you would like to report a user who’s abusing the radio or causing issues, you will now be able to tell who it is and report them to us when you can!
  • Since we have implemented a whole new department, the radio now includes GLOBAL channels for you to communicate between EMS and POLICE and vice versa.
  • We have added sounds for when a new call comes into the radio, you will hear a chime. Also when you accept a call, you will here an accepting chime as well.
  • For every call you accept, you will now see a direction pin in the real world so it is easier for you to navigate to the location.
  • EMS Calls can now be made from the SOS app on the phone, although there will be no kind of physical way to heal players, it is just for RP purposes at this time.
  • Robberies have been buffed and nerfed in certain areas of the map. For example, robbing the bank has a higher chance of spawning a more valuable vault so you are able to get money a little faster!
  • To prevent people from farming the bank, all vaults are automatically locked if there are less than 5 cops in the server. This may be upsetting to a few, but to balance the economy, it is important that these changes are made.

We hope you enjoy this update because the updates are just going to get bigger and bigger! We take pride in making content for you to mess around with and create amazing roleplay scenes. We hope to inspire more imagination and creativity by providing these new features to you. This update would not have been possible without these amazing developers;

@TechnologyUser - Owner | System Designer / UI / Scripter
@officerwisp - Co Owner | System Designer / Project Management
@Migitino - Senior Developer | Vehicle Cohort / Equipment
@Nikola_Dev - Developer | Modelled Stretcher
@CoopaIoop - Builder | New Buildings
@WyattSouls - Builder | New Buildings / Vehicle Spawner Models

We look forward to seeing you in the next update patch, and prepare for many more amazing features to come. Get ready for private servers, fire department, QOL updates and optimization.

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Thanks for Reading,
~ TechnologyUser