Centred but not looking centre?


This image shows that the text should be located in the exact centre of the image,

But in this image it is clearly not centred, and looks more to the right and also further down. Why is this? Is it the font? I’m using SourceSansBold


I’m guessing that you’re referring to the ‘X’ in the corner as that’s what you’ve selected in the first image.

The ‘X’ appears not to be centred because if you zoom in, you will notice that the lettering has a black shadow. Although the distance from the sides of the button to the sides of the text itself is 26 pixels on each side, the top of the button to the top of the text is 21 pixels, and the bottom of the text to the bottom of the button is 11 pixels. This means that although the ‘X’ itself is centralised, the black shadow will make the lettering appear disproportionate.

If you want a perfectly centred cross then you could always reduplicate it as a decal and move the cross. Otherwise, I don’t think many people would even notice!

In other words: that’s just how the font is.