Certain animation keyframes not playing

I rigged up an object that’s a giant ring with text inside. The ring itself spins, and I have the animation set up to the text brick inside that moves it far up and down using Constant keyframes, so it looks like it’s blinking. It works completely fine in the animation editor:


…but when in-game, the keyframes for the sign completely fail to play at all.


I checked, and the sign isn’t anchored. I even changed the keyframe style and the easing style, and nothing seems to get it to play. Is this a bug?

I realize I could easily put a script inside the sign with a loop that turns the decal on and off, but I don’t want any extra stress on the server/client through scripts–if it even would cause more stress, anyway.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Thanks.

Does all the parts in the in-game model have the same name as the parts in the animated rig? (Including the name of the Motor6D) Sometimes there could be a small problem with the parts of the rig / cloned model not being named correctly, preventing the animation from being able to locate the part(s) it’s supposed to animate; making it not animated.

That would make a lot of sense, actually. I checked back to see, and it turns out the Motor6D had a different name than the part. But even after renaming it, nothing happened. I even re-rigged and reanimated the entire thing, and it still wouldn’t move. This is so weird.

This is a bug with the constant keyframes, where they simply won’t fire sometimes. A workaround is to put 2 keyframes right next to each other, to emulate the snapping of constant.