Certain articles (like Task Scheduler) are unavailable sporadically

Frequently over the last few days (and currently, as I post this) when I go to this link, it’s broken -


Is there a way to stabilize this? It’s one of the more important articles in the developer hub and I link to it frequently to make sure people understand it.

Was down a bunch of times over the past day, tried in different browsers but eventually came up. Feels like a cache issue maybe.


To confirm it is still broken.

I don’t get the error, maybe it’s the location that affects if you can, or maybe it was just fixed?

It’s very non deterministic from what I’ve seen.

I’ve had this issue occur on occasion. Albeit rare, it’s quite annoying. The page usually comes back in a matter of at most a day. I’ve never seen a page take longer than that. This behavior leads me to believing that this is a cache issue as well, but I don’t know how Roblox controls said caches.

Apologies for the weirdness going on here – some pages just need re-publishing, others can have caching issues. We’re playing a bit of wack-a-mole in the meantime, the good news is that the Task Scheduler article just needed a re-publish. It’s up now. These are related to localization growing pains, but rest assured they’re being worked on weekly.

If there are missing pages, feel free to make a separate post with a long list of pages that should be available but aren’t. Thanks for your patience guys :slight_smile: