Certain event-obtained bundles have been distributed without their costume assets

Beginning in May 2021, several bundles obtainable through events have been distributed without their costume assets. This prevents the complete bundle contents from being easily equipped in the avatar editor, and also causes the bundle assets themselves to not be marked as “owned”, as all individual bundle contents are required to be in possession.

The head of AJ Striker, marked as “owned” and available in my inventory:

The AJ Striker bundle, not marked as “owned” nor available in my inventory:

The costume asset of the AJ Striker bundle, missing from the avatar editor and by extension, my inventory:

AJ Striker costume

List of known affected bundles





Bump, it does take a bit of time to put these on because of this

Issue still happening, another bump


If Roblox was able to remove the free packages from people’s accounts (Headless Horseman)

There should be no impediment to adding these event bundles to accounts

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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

Few more to add to the list, the Kaiju Cats bundles. Some players were awarded the costumes days after earning them, but others such as myself still don’t have the costume assets.


I added those bundles to the list, thanks!

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Thank you for your patience and our team has applied fixes as required. Can you please check on your end as these issues should no longer be encountered. Do reach out to us if you continue to experience any issues.

Wasn’t fixed for me.

I own the body parts, but not the bundle itself, nor any corresponding outfits (costumes) in the avatar editor.

(Just using AJ Striker as an example here. This applies to all event bundles I’ve earned.)

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@Mystyle48 Two more affected bundles that aren’t on the list. These are both from 2020.


Thanks, I will add those bundles to the list!

@starhiker13 Wasn’t fixed on my end either. I should have these bundles marked as owned, but that is not the case.

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I dont seem to have any of the items from the kaiju bundles, the bundles themselves or the bundles for the Metaverse Champions bundles. It seems like at some point the method of awarding bundles must have changed and only rewarded parts of the bundle on accident when prompted to reward the bundle as a whole.

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Another relevant problem is that, for all of the Stranger Things bundles, I don’t own the head.
I still own all other individual body parts and accessories included in them.

I don’t know if not being awarded the heads was intentional or not, but if this issue is ever going to be fixed, then the bundle’s outfit (costume) can’t exactly be worn properly if you don’t own the head!

I’m still missing the Kaiju Cats bundle items, and the bundle as well.

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