Certain limbs in animations jiggles

Hello there, I am currently making a swinging system. Animations that I added works fine but when I landed on the ground (the baseplate) it sort of bugs them out and makes most of my limbs jiggle. I have set all the priority to action and have added all keyframes to each and every limbs there are. The shaking is not severe but it makes my system less satisfying and exhilarating.

How its supposed to function: 11-46-26
The bug: 11-48-44 (it triggers when I land on the baseplate at a high momentum)

Any help is appreciated!

the default walking animations moves your arm if it is not being overwhelmed by the custom animation, basically default walking animations still apply to any parts that aren’t being “held” by a keyframe

Wait, so do I have to insert EVERY single keyframes for each limbs whenever I add a new one ?

no no, you just need to add one keyframe of it at the start then at the end

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