Certain packages flip the grip position of my tools

During my development on my groups game, we have tested with packages provided mostly by Roblox. When we came down to the final stages of testing we found that some UGC packages flip the tool grip position completely 180 degrees around versus regular roblox packages.

(a roblox package)

(a ugc package)

I’m not really sure where to begin with fixing this, does anyone know what causes this issue? Is this is a roblox bug?

In specific, this is the Stickbug Package ADBros.


not a roblox bug, but a creator skill issue i believe. they probably set up the hand attachments wrong

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me and my friends have tested in another game (not by us) and it is the same issue with the tool grip being reversed.

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Yea I would rather use a method by this one guy it’s a thread called “how to animate tools like knives” or something. Works with every package and has a lot more flexibility than using grip

i meant package creator skill issue

Hey, I noticed this in my game as well…the fact that I’ve seen this across multiple ‘modern’ avatars, and only modern avatars suggests to me that there’s an issue with the template or importing tools that help put those in the game. The standard RightGripAttachment.Orientation is -90,0,0, I don’t have a lot of data points, but these modern models seem to have it at 90, 178.591, 0, resulting in any weapons being held backwards.

What I have done as a simple workaround (so far so good) when the character loads is

if self.rightGripAttachment and self.rightGripAttachment.Orientation ~= Vector3.new(-90,0,0) then
			self.rightGripAttachment.Orientation = Vector3.new(-90, 0, 0)

(replace the self.rightGripAttachment reference with whatever variable you assign to their rightGripAttachment when the character loads)

Anyone that has imported customer avatar models see a potential flaw w/ how gripattachments are set? Seems like not the best process if it’s completely manual w/ no checks