Certain parts staying in the same place when you press undo

I have recently noticed this bug where unions move back when you press undo, but not the other parts of the model, and vice-versa. I tried to capture a video of it happening, and I will describe it as it isn’t very clear.

I moved the grouped plant over to another area and then pressed undo (Using CTRL + Z), and the union moved back but not one of the meshes and a cylinder. It is completely random and I have found no order to what does move and what doesn’t.
If I press undo again, it just undo’s my previous changes. Nothing happens when you redo the movement. This has only happened to me for grouped items, and if they have Meshes and/or Unions, although I haven’t yet to try this bug to its full extent.

This is quite a large issue, as there is no way (as I know of) to undo it, which can lead to messed up models.


I have changes coming down the pipe which are very likely to fix this class of problems, but it will take a couple weeks still for them to arrive. (I’m completely changing how the draggers move the selection around internally to a more stable approach which should not have any further problems like this)

I’ll make another post here when those changes are live.

This should never be an issue with the legacy draggers, so you can disable the Lua Draggers beta if it’s causing you issues in the meantime.


I had this too actually, on a much larger scale. My lobby was literally destroyed, and I had to revert the game’s version.

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Sorry for any issues you encountered with this. The changes that should fully resolve these issues are coming next week (~June 11th).


The changes that fix this are live. Please let me know if you still experience this issue.


Hiya, it still sometimes occurs, although it is now very rarely and luckily you can now press redo to revert the error. I will see if I can get any evidence.

Get reproduction steps, not evidence. Evidence is almost pointless if engineers can’t make it happen again.

How rarely? Like, you’ve only had it happen a few times total, or it happens a few times each building session?

So far it has happened about 4 times in the last week. Not too common and like I said you can press redo and it will fix it.

Was this with geometric dragging or IK dragging (Constraints toggle enabled).

Geometric Dragging. 30 Charsssss.

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