Certain users are hidden from the small search

Attempting to search for “HarukaHenn” or “Bep_p” (and probably some other users Roblox doesn’t like) will show 0 results:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Search for “HarukaHenn” or “Bep_p” in the small search window
  2. Observe

If this is an attempt at shadow banning rather than a bug then it’s a quite ridiculous one. Both still appear in the full page search and anywhere else on the forum.

Plus it’s silly to only block 2 people like this. At least suspend us fully.

Trying adding an @ at the start of their username, this will show all posts from that user.


There is no shadow banning feature.

Currently we are using the default Discourse search for this site. We’ll check the source code to see if we can get any wiser on why the search differs depending on who you search. I also noticed the user results differ based on whether you are logged in or not.