Cerulean Survival RPG Update Thread [ RELEASED! ]

This will be the update log for my game, Cerulean - a survival RPG.

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Version 0.1, ALPHA Released

  • Adds basic mechanics to the game, including hunger, thirst, crafting of basic tools, and dropping resources upon death.

  • Resources are added, including coal, iron, and the Oofle tree type.

Version 0.15, ALPHA

  • Added in a poisoning mechanic. Eating rotted food, drinking infected water, and being bitten by certain animals will result in poisoning. Players take 5 damage every 5 seconds for 30 seconds, and each time the player takes a bit of a rotted food item or drinks infected water, their health, hunger, and thirst goes down by the inverse of what they would get if it wasn’t rotten or infected. (i.e. +30 hunger turns into -30 hunger.)

Version 0.2, ALPHA

  • Added in weapons, currently only the Assault Rifle, whose model will be replaced with a custom one in the coming days. Currently takes 1,200 stone to craft, though this will be changed when ore smelting is added. Bullets do 12 damage each.

Version 0.3, ALPHA

  • Added in basic inventory system. Currently supports only the apple and a few other inaccessible items i am using to test the new inventory with.
  • Added anti-exploit measures.
  • Modified the environment, adding in more trees, and a beach on the edge of the lake.
  • Modified damage values for resources and players (BUFF.)
  • Added in a condition to prevent chat from appearing while the Inventory or Crafting Menu was open.

Version 0.3.1, ALPHA

  • Small update adds in support for the berries in the inventory.
  • Some changes to thirst and hunger reductions, as well as increased health regeneration time.
  • Apples and Berries now regenerate health.

Version 0.4, ALPHA

  • Updated the user interface to be cleaner, as well as added a notification system for resources, player information, as well as quotes that the player will say on certain actions.
  • Temperature mechanics. Certain temperatures will result in death, while if it is too cold or hot, a notification will appearing displaying the temperature.
  • Opened up the volcano.
  • New ore; Aquamarine. Currently isn’t used for mining just yet.

Verion 0.5, ALPHA

  • Added in main menu.

Version 0.6, BETA

  • New ore: Adamine.
  • Added in the Adamine Pickaxe (50 Res Damage; 30 Plr Damage)
  • Some traumatic injuries have been introduced.

Version 0.7 BETA

  • Building is now live with a few simple buildings.
  • More tools.

Version 0.8 BETA

  • Guns hit much harder.
  • Flintlock Pistol Added

Version 0.9 BETA

  • Buildings now take up resources.
  • Guns, tools, and weapons now do less damage according to the receiving player’s armor rating.
  • Cleaner and more intuitive crafting interface.
  • Much better gun animations.

Version 1.0 RELEASE

  • Smelted iron added.
  • Switched from stone and wood to smelted iron and wood with gun types.
  • Furnace added. You can now smelt iron ore.
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