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This document contains the official Guidelines for the Canadian Forces, founded on the 2nd of January, 2017 by AxeOmega.

All of the Canadian Personnel are sworn to the Canadian Forces through out our history, as we participate in wars and fight by the side of our allies!

Every Canadian Forces member is bound to this document regardless of Rank or Status in any regiment.

  1. Every member has a responsibility to abide by the CF G&R document, Roblox TOS and Discord’s TOS, Failure to follow will result in a blacklist
  1. All members are expected to respect superiors decisions and their ranks, you may not like the person but they have earned their rank, respect that. Failure to respect superiors will be classed as insubordination
  1. Any spies caught trying to infiltrate CF will be dealt with accordingly, your name will be posted on [REDACTED] watchlist. Spies will be blacklisted
  1. If you wish to apply for the rank [DEV] you may contact a CDEV+ for more information on how to continue.
  1. Bullying, racism or descrimination of any kind will be dealt with swiftly and aggressively, we DO NOT tolerate any kind of bullying.
  1. Do not contact the CiC directly without using the chain of command, this is unless you have a major problem like a VCiC being racist.
  1. Failure to use the Chain of Command will result in you getting a warning then a demotion, this is being enforced to take as much load off the higher ups as possible.
  1. Failure to listen to a superior is counted as insubordination and will be dealt with accordingly.

This document is subjected to being updated without notice, check regularly to stay up to date





[CiC] Commander in Chief

[VCiC] Vice Commander in Chief



[GEN] General

[LTGEN] Lieutenant General

[MAJGEN] Major General



[BRIG] Brigadier

[COL] Colonel

[LTCOL] Lieutenant Colonel

[MAJ] Major
[CPT] Captain


Medium Ranks

[LT] Lieutenant

[CWO] Chief Warrant Officer

[MWO] Master Warrant Officer
[WO] Warrant Officer


Low Ranks

[SGT] Sergeant
[MCPL] Master Corporal

[CPL] Corporal

[PSC] Private Second Class

[PFC] Private First Class

[PTE] Private

[REC] Recruit

Approved by:


Commander in Chief


Chief of Development

"Fast, Strong, Brave"

Canadian Forces