CFL Breaking News: League Is Set To Close After This Season

Some Breaking News Has Came Out That CFL Will Be Closing Down After Sunday’s Bloxx Bowl 31. More Details Down Below!

Why Are We Closing?

The League Has Been Open For 8 Months, And Has Had Some Good Seasons. There’s Definitely Been Enough To Give Every Team A Chance To Appear In The Bloxx Bowl, Or Win It. At This Point Of The League Though, It’s Pretty Dead, And The Players, Coaches, And Staff Are Certainly Exhausted. There’s Been Over 30 Forfeits In The Last 2 Months And There’s No Signs Of Us Getting Any Better. With Football Season Over Anyways And Spring Here, We Feel Like It’s Time To Take A Break. We Will Not Be Closing Permanently, But For The Foreseeable Future. There Is Also No Timetable For When CFL Returns. Huge News!

What’s Next?

Commissioner FatPotateo Will Be Closing CFL And Moving To His Basketball League, RCBL. All Current CFL Players, Coaches, And Staff Are Welcomed To Come. This Is Optional And You Don’t Have To Come If You Don’t Want To, But This Will Be The Primary League Now. For The Players That Do Want To Come, Please Send A Join Request To RCBL So It Can Process. For The Players That Don’t Want To Come Or Can’t Come, We Wish You The Best Of Luck In Your Future Endeavors. CFL Would Like To Thank All Of You For The Efforts You Have Put In The Last 8 Months To Make The League As Best As It Can Be. As Long As You’re Eligible To Return To CFL Or Come To RCBL, You Are Always Welcomed To The Family. It’s Been One Hell Of A Journey And It Couldn’t Have Happened Without You Guys. We Hope Everyone Does Well Regardless Of The Decision They Make. Take Care Everyone. Stay Safe, Live Life, And Have A Good Spring!