CFL Breaking News (Season 31)

The Point Of These 2 Announcements Is To Educate The League About What Is Going On So That The Rest Of The Season And Post-Season Go Smoothly. This Article Is In No Way, Shape, Or Form Insulting The Vikings Or The Players That Were Kicked Out. They Are Still People With Real Feelings And Not Everything Can Work Out All The Time. We Thank Them For Any Contributions They Have Made Despite The Short-Comings.

Vikings Exiled From The League For Breaking Multiple Rules

CFL Has Officially Announced That The Minnesota Vikings Coaching Staff And Players Have Been Permanently Exiled For Using Discord As General Communication, And For Hosting An Illegal Group Made For CFL Members, And Private Workouts For Free Agents. Both Offenses Are In Violation Of The League’s Discord Policy, And Foreign League Policy. This Decision Can’t And Will Not Be Reversed.

They Have Been Automatically Eliminated From The Play-Offs, Their Record Will No Longer Be Counted, And They Will Be Re-Locating Next Season. The Final 2 Vikings Games Will Still Be Played, But With New Players That Will Try And Pick Up The Pieces. As Far As The NFC Play-Off Race Going Forward, The 2 Teams With The Most Wins By The End Of Week 6, Will Go To The Play-Offs. At The Time Of This Article Being Published, That Is Most Likely The 49ers And Eagles.

Please Remember That No Players, Coaches, Or Un-Verified CFL Staff Are Allowed To Create Discord Group Chats, Voice Chats, Calls, Servers, Channels, Meetings Or Anything Of That Nature For CFL Purposes Whatsoever. This Includes But Not Limited To: Their Own Team, Anyone In The Entire League, Or Players From Different Leagues. Using It As General Communication Or Rather A Substitute For Roblox Friend Chats And Group Chats Isn’t Allowed Either. This Does Not Mean You Can’t Use Discord At All. Just Don’t Use It For CFL, And Keep It Very Personal. Just Stay On Roblox. Almost Pretend Someone Asking You For Your Discord Is Like Someone Asking You For Your Home Address.

Please Also Remember That No Players, Coaches, Or Un-Verified CFL Staff Are Allowed To Create Leagues, Groups, Or Factions With The Intent To Bring CFL Members Into It For Whatever Purpose. CFL Does Not Allow Enclaved Leagues. Private Workouts, Tryouts, Hangouts, Or Scrimmages With Free Agents, Draftees, Or Players Already On Teams Are Also In Complete And Obvious Violation.

Anyways, The Signs A Team Is Breaking The Rules Are More Obvious Than Players Think, So Please Follow The Rules. If You Don’t Like Them And Think They’re Stupid, Just Simply Leave The League. There’s Plenty Of Others. Don’t Ruin An Entire Team And Franchise Forever.

CFL Has Record 42 Players Kicked Out In One Night


On April 10th 2023, CFL Kicked Out A Record Amount Of Players. 42 Players In One Night. This Decision Was Made By Commissioner FatPotateo Because Of The League’s Constant Forfeits, Players That Don’t Care, Inactive Players That Are Holding Up Roster Spots, And The League Slowly Dying Because Of It.

Many Players That Were Kicked Out Were Inactive, Barely Active, Or Already Wanted To Quit. Players Should Remind Themselves That They Said Yes To Joining The League. Please Show Up Your Games, Read Your Friend Chat For Game Notices, And Stay Active As Much As Possible.

If You Know Your Career Won’t Survive Due To Real Life Chores, Jobs, Tasks, Relationships, Events, Or Personal Issues, Do Not Force Yourself To Stay And Take Care Of Real Things First! Don’t Waste Time Forcing It To Work, Because Somewhere There Is A Hungry Player On Roblox That Can Play Any Game, Any Time, Waiting To Take Your Spot Instantly If You’re Not Interested In It.

If You Weren’t Kicked Out, It Means You’re A Trusted Member. So Thank You Very Much.