CFL Is Returning! Looking Into Some New Additions, Rules, And Teams!

CFL Is Getting Ready To Return For It’s 27th Season. As We Near The New Season, We Plan On Bringing Big Changes. Changes That Are Hopefully For The Better. Like New Rules, Teams, And A Lot Of Things We Think You Will Find Exciting, And Challenging. Let’s Dive Into Our New Additions, Rules, And Teams!

Head-Coach System Returns To CFL For The First Time In 3 Years

CFL For The Past 3 Years Has Been Using A Captain System. Where There Is 1 Player On The Team That Is Responsible For Trades, Free Agency, Holding Practices, Managing The Team, Pretty Much Anything You Can Think Of. It’s Had Bad Effects. Captains Are Always Over-Worked, Stressed Out, And Can’t Make The Right Decisions. Because They Have A Lot Of Things On Their Plate. They Have To Do All Of This While Worrying About Playing Good. Having These Stressed Out Captains Caused Them To Get Toxic Or Out Of Place. When The Leader Of The Team Is Toxic Or Out Of Place, It Causes Everyone Else To Become Toxic. Then The Team Becomes Dysfunctional, Un-Organized, And Eventually, Trash. So We Felt Like Adding Coaches Again Will Split The Responsibilities Evenly Again. A Coach Will Not Be Able To Play, But Will Have Full Control Of The Team Just Like A Captain. That Way The Players Can ONLY Worry About Playing. We Hope That Adding Coaches Will Re-Establish True Respect, Leadership, And Communication With-In A Team. Coaches Will Be Selected During The Off-Season Week. Good Luck To Our Coaches!

CFL Adds Contracts Again For The First Time In 3 Years

CFL Is Now Adding Contracts Again. Which Means Players And Coaches Will Now Get Paid. We Feel Like Players Should Get Paid For A Couple Of Reasons. The First Reason Is Just Because They Work So Hard. The Second Reason Is To Keep Players Active. People Show Up If They Can Get Money For Doing So. The Third Reason, Is To Strengthen The Free Agency And Trade Systems. Which Will Still Be In The Off-Season Only. Contracts Will Only Be Given Out By Coaches. Each Team Will Have A Cap Space Of 210 Robux. The Most Seasons A Player Can Be Under Contract For Is 4. If A Player Is Traded, They Can Restructure, Extend, Or Finish Out Their Contract. There Are No Franchise Tags, And Every Player Must Be Signed To A Contract In Order To Play. No Player Can Get Paid 0 Robux. Coaches Get Paid At The End Of The Season. It Will Be Completely Separate From The Cap. How Much They Get Paid Is Based Off Of How Well They Coached During The Season. These Are Just A Handful Of The Rules That Go With Contracts. If You Have Questions, Please Notify CFL Commissioner, FatPotateo.

Fresh Set Of Teams!

With A New Season, Comes A Fresh Set Of Teams. We Feel Like It’s Great To Do This. Because It Really Signals A New Start, And A New Era In CFL. With That Being Said, Here Is The List Of Teams That Are Coming To The CFL! We Hope Everyone Enjoys These Teams. For Those That Think These Teams Are Trash, It’s Your Opportunity To Make Them GOOD.

Commanders - New

Texans - New

Cardinals - New

Jets - New

Vikings - Returning (Last Here In 2021)

Saints - Returning (Last Here In 2021)

Browns - Returning (Last Here In 2019)

Raiders - Returning (Last Here In 2021)

New Rules And Clarifying Rules

Every time CFL Returns, We Have Rules Change. Here Are Some Of The Rules That Are New Or Being Clarified. This Is An Official List, But Is Subject To Changes Over The Off-Season, Regular Season, And The Play-Offs. What You Read Above About Captains And Contracts Count As Rules. Finally, Not Every Single Existing Rule Is Listed. That’s Because Some Are More Obvious Than Others. We Want To Get These Out Of The Way To Lessen The Confusion. With That Being Said, Let’s Look Into Rules!

-Suspended Coaches And Players Do Not Get Paid. (New Rule)

-Excessive Complaining In-Game Will Now Be A Flag. Marked As A Personal Foul. (New Rule)

-Coaches Must Practice At Least Once A Week, And Report That Practice To The Commissioner. Teams Will Be Stripped Of Draft Picks If They Do Not Meet This Rule. For Something To Count As A Practice, You Need At Least 2 Players. Not Including The Coach. (New Rule)

-5th Player On Your Offense Will Turn Into A 2nd Offensive Lineman Instead Of An RB. The LB On Defense Will Then Be The 2nd Defensive Lineman. There Is No RB Until All 3 Lineman On Each Side Are Present. (New Rule)

-Backwards Blocking And Rushing Are Illegal. (Clarifying Rule)

-Return Team During Kick-Offs Are Not Allowed To Dive Block. (Clarifying Rule)

-Wide Receivers Running Routes Directly Into Each Other To Cause Separation Is Illegal. (Clarifying Rule)

-The Referee Is Allowed To Stop The Clock If There Is An Unexpected Delay. (Clarifying Rule)

-Defensive Ends Are Allowed To Dive For A Sack. (Clarifying Rule)

-Offensive Lineman Are Allowed To Dive Block To Prevent Sacks And Or Pressure. (Clarifying Rule)

-Using Discord For Anything CFL Is Illegal, And Will Result In An Immediate Suspension Upon Suspicion. Exile Upon Proof. Inconclusive Or Not.

-Trolling Is Actually A Flag. Yes. (Clarifying Rule)

No Draft This Off-Season

The Final Thing We Want To Mention Is That There Will Be No Draft This Off-Season. We Feel Like It’s Best To Just Hire Coaches Immediately, And Assign Players To Teams Immediately. There Will Be A League Meeting On Thursday Though. There Will Be A Draft In The Upcoming Off-Seasons Seasons. Just Not This Off-Season. Other Than That, We Hope You Are Ok With All Of The New Additions, Rules, And Teams! Good Luck In Your CFL Career. Take Care, Stay Safe, And Have A Great Day!