CFL Quick Information Post

New Rules

  • Quarters Are Now 7 Minutes.
  • The Clock Will Now Run After Incompletions. (This Rule Might Change)
  • Once A Play Finishes. You Will Hear The 1st Whistle. The 1st Whistle Ends The Play, And So The Play Clock Will Start Counting Down. This Is How Much Time You Have To Line Up Until You Get Flagged For Delay Of Game. The Second Whistle Is When The Next Play Can Begin. If One Side Of The Ball Isn’t Ready By The Second Whistle, A Game Of Delay Ensues.

Clarifying Rules

  • :rotating_light::point_right:Quarterbacks Can Only Hike The Ball Until After The Second Whistle. :point_left::rotating_light:

  • Quarterbacks Can’t Sneak The Ball If There Is No Linebacker In The Game.

  • Wide Receivers Don’t Go On The Whistle, But The Hike.

  • Any Use Of Discord For League Related Purposes Is Not Allowed. Asking For Player’s Discords, Friending Them, Chatting With Them, Or Any Action At All Thru Discord Is Also Not Allowed. Breaking This Rule Specifically Is A Permanent Exile From Every Group.

  • You Are Not Allowed To Join Other Team’s Practices, Or Games Your Team Is Not Playing In.

  • You Need 3 Players To Start A Game, Or You Will Be Forced To Forfeit.

  • Once A Game Hits It’s Start Time, And A Team Is Not There, They Have 10 Minutes To Show Up Or Else They Will Be Forced To Forfeit.

  • Backwards Blocking Is Illegal.

  • Crossing Routes Where The WRs Run Into Each Other To Jam The CBs Are Not Allowed.

  • Linebackers Can Not Double Cover. They Will Guard The Line Of Scrimmage To Prevent The QB From Running. If A RB Is In The Game, The Linebacker Will Cover, And Only Cover The RB.

  • Offensive Lineman And Quarterback Can Not Switch Positions Until Halftime If Necessary.

  • Wearing Custom Jerseys, Or Selling Custom Jerseys To Players Are Not Allowed And Will Result In An Exile.

  • Kickers Are Not Allowed To Sabotage The Kick-Offs. (Purposefully Aiming The Ball A Certain Way To Make It Bounce). You Must Kick It Cleanly.

  • Keep Your Feet Inside The End Zone Before Kick-Offs.

  • There Are No In-Season Trades. But You Are Free To Talk To Teams About Who U Want To Trade When The Off-Season Comes.

  • Captains Can Not Be Traded.

  • Offensive Lineman Are Allowed To Dive Block To Protect Their QB.

  • You Are Allowed To Play Anywhere On Defense.

  • You Are Allowed To Dive Behind The Line Of Scrimmage If Your A Defensive Lineman (Rusher).

  • The Trucking Glitch Is Fully Allowed.

Updates And New Additions

  • 2 Brand New Teams- Bengals And Titans.

  • 5 Brand New Stadiums- Buccaneers, Bengals, Titans, Rams, And Cowboys.

  • New Helmet Sets (Will Be Updated).

  • Brand New Tackle And Dive System (New Dive Is More Similar To Fusion, Tackling Too).

  • New Ball Camera.

  • New Scoreboards.

  • Group Ranks In-Game.

  • Echo Sounds In Stadiums For Realistic Noise.

  • More Detailed Lighting In Indoor Stadiums.

  • Lag Reduced In Most Stadiums.

Tips For Your Team

  • Get The Offensive Line Right First.
    The Offensive Line Is The Most Important Position In The League Because It Dictates The Rest Of Your Offense. If The Offensive Line Can’t Block To Save Their Lives, Then The Quarterback Won’t Get Any Time To Throw. Quarterbacks Need Time To Adjust Their Aim, Power, And Accuracy, So That They Get The Perfect Pass. This Also Helps Wide Receivers Get Down The Field. So Figure Out With Your Team Who Is The Best Offensive Lineman, And Have Him Play There. Have A Back-Up If You Want. But If That Person Is Better At Quarterback, Then Don’t Hesitate To Make Them Quarterback.

  • Get The Defensive Line Right Second.
    The Defensive Line Is Just As Important Because It Dictates The Defense. If You Have A Bad Defensive Line, That Means The Other Team’s Quarterback Will Have All The Time In The World To Throw A Perfect Pass, And Cook You For A 60 Yard Touchdown If Everything Goes Right. Not Having A Good Defensive Line Means The Cornerbacks Will Have To Cover Longer, And Playing Cornerback Is Extremely Hard Because You Have To Try And Stop Rapid Movements In 5 Seconds. 1 Mistake, Or 1 Wrong Step, And That Cornerback Is Most Likely Getting Cooked. Another Perk Is That If You Have A Good Defensive Line Getting Pressure, That Means The Quarterback Will Make Worse Throws, Which In Return Will Help The Cornerbacks Defend Them Better. Find Out On Your Team Who Is A Good Defensive Lineman!

  • Understand That Good WRs Are Important, But Aren’t Something To Die For.
    You Need Good Receivers. Period. But Unless You Have A Mobile Player, Just About Anyone Can Play Receiver At A Solid Level. It’s Probably The Easiest Position To Play In The CFL As Far As Their Assignments Go. Because Of Them Not Being That Valuable, And Mostly Anyone Being Able To Play It, Don’t Be Stuck To Playing Receiver. Offer To Play More Than Receiver. Cause Nobody Is Going To Care That Much. It Won’t Help The Team That Your Not A Versatile Player. WRs Will Only Matter When You Have Your Offensive Lineman Right, And Your Quarterback Right. Because If The Offensive Line Can’t Block, Than The QB Won’t Have Time To Give Receivers The Ball. If The Quarterback Is Trash, Than They Can’t Even Throw Them Good Passes In The First Place. There Are Some Exceptions In The League. Such As Receivers That Can Carry Their Teams. But Don’t Automatically Think Your That Exception Because There’s A 80% Chance Whoever Is Reading This Is New To The League. But With The New Tackle And Dive Scripts Favoring Defense, Good Luck With That, But Stay Open Minded!

  • Use The Run Game.
    Running The Ball Is Just As Important As Passing The Ball. QB Sneaking Won’t Work. But If Your Ever Allowed To Use RBs In Your Game, Run The Ball! When You Run The Ball Well, You Can Control The Clock, And Move Down The Field At Your Own Pace. The Defense Will Continue To Lose It’s Stamina, And Sometimes They Will Get Frustrated And Mad. Which Will Throw Them Off Their Game, And They May Not Play As Good. Running The Ball Also Opens Up The Passing Game. Defenses Won’t Know How To Defend Your Offense If They Can’t Guess What’s Coming Next. If You Ever Heard Of Play Action, This Is Where It’s At It’s Dangerous. If Your Quarterback Is Trash Than Running The Ball Is A Way To Counter That. Or If Your WRs Are Getting Locked Down, Same Type Of Thing. There Is A Trucking Glitch In The Brand New Tackle/Dive Script. So If You Get A RB That Can Use That Well, It Will Only Make Things Easier. A Lot Of Other Things Depend On How You Want To Run Your Offense. There’s A Lot Of Ways To Expose Defenses In The CFL, And Based On What Your Team Can Do Well, You’d Go With That. Running The Ball DOES Require A Team That Can Block Decently, So Be Up For The Challenge When It Comes Your Way.

  • Find Out What You Want Your Team’s Identity To Be.
    When You Know Who You Are, Or At Least Know What You Want To Be, It Makes You Get To Your Goals Faster. Finding Out What You Guys Want To Be Can Ensure That Whatever You Want To Do On Both Sides Of The Ball Will Be Accomplished As Long As Your Willing To Put In Whatever Necessary Work There Is. When Your Team Doesn’t Have An Identity, You Will Be All Over The Place. Even If Your Winning, You Will Be All Over The Place, Doing Things That Are Inconsistent To Your Team’s Strengths. Which Is The Next Point. Find Out What Your Team Is Good At, And Go From There. There Is No Right Or Wrong Answer As To What A Team’s Identity Needs To Be. Because Everything Has Worked In The CFL Before, But Be Balanced And Realistic!

  • Play With Effort.

This Is Simple. If You Play Like You Don’t Care, Then The Other Team Will Catch You Lacking, And There You Go. A Game Lost. Not Playing With Effort Can Be Devastating. Give It Your All When You Play. No Matter What! Bloxx Bowl Champions Are The Players That Always Showed Effort.

  • Show Leadership.

Showing Leadership Is Very Important. You Don’t Have To Be A Captain To Show Leadership. When You Show Leadership, Or Have Multiple Leaders On The Team, The Team Stays Stable. It Allows For Better Communication Which Is What All Championship Sports Teams Have. Real Life, Or On Roblox. Leadership Keeps The Pack Together, And Can Instill Motivation Into One Another So That The Effort, And Identity Is There. Relating Back To Some Of The Points From Above.

  • Use Footballs As Cones In Practice.

This Can Help With Any Position’s Foot Work. Which Is Needed In This League. It Can Simulate Routes, Rushing Lanes, Pass Rush Lanes, Or Blocking Lanes. Pretty Much Anything. If You Didn’t Pick Up The Football While You Did The Drill, That’s How You Know You Did A Solid Job. If You DID Pick Up The Football While You Did The Drill, That’s How You Know You Didn’t Run It As Crisp As You Need To.

  • Understand How Long Your Home Team’s Field Is.

This Tip Is Primarily For Quarterbacks. This Helps You Understand What Type Of Power You Need To Be Putting On The Ball At Every Spot Of The Field. Every Stadium Is Different, Which Changes How Much Power, Accuracy, Or Aim You Need On The Ball. Knowing How Your Stadium Works Will Help You Out In The Long Run.

  • Be An Open Teammate.

Be Open To Playing Anything. A Team Gets Nowhere If They All Have Egos, And Are Just Stubborn Cockroaches. This Is A Team Sport, And Do Whatever You Can To Help The Team WIN. Which Is All That Matters At The End Of The Day. A Player’s Main Goal Should Be Winning. But Not Just Positions We Are Talking About, But What Types Of Tasks You Need To Do At That Position. Keep You And Your Team Up For The Challenge!

  • Learn How To Truck.
    Learning How To Truck Is Another Advantage You Can Have On The Offense. It Can Be The Difference Between A Negative Run, Or A 50 Yard Run. It Can Be The Difference Between A 10 Yard Completion, Or A 70 Yard TD. For Running Backs, They Can Become Even More Effective. To Learn How To Truck, Time Your Jump When You Are About To Get Tackled, And Be Careful About When And How You Turn. As Far As Defenders Go, Stay Patient When You Tackle, And Don’t Mis-Use Your Dive.

  • Respect Your Captains. (Mostly)
    Respect Goes A Long Way When Your On A Football Team. If Your Captain Isn’t Toxic, Then Respecting Them Is Key. It Leads To Better Team Morale. Which Is The Confidence, Enthusiasm, And Or Discipline Of A Team. It Makes You Play Better, And It Makes The Team Flow Better. Have Respect For Not Only Your Captains, But The Rest Of Your Teammates. Everyone Is Trying And There Is Always A Process.

  • Use Halftime Wisely

People Usually Stand Around During Halftime. They Mess Around, Being Clowns, And Are More Worried About Being Liked Rather Than Planning For The Next Half Of The Game. Use That Time Wisely. Talk About What You Did Wrong, What You Guys Could Have Done To Be Better In That Half, And Talk About What You Can Do For The Next Half That Will Seal The Game For You. Even If Your Blowing Out The Other Team, Or Your Being Blown Out Yourselves. Communication Is Pretty Shaky At The Beginning Of The Game. So Take Mental Notes And Then Talk It Out When You Get That Precious Chance.

    We Still Fail To Understand Why Nobody Asks Questions. It’s Usually Because They Don’t Care About Learning. But If That’s The Case, Stop Being A Clown And Ask Questions! There’s A Lot Of Resources Such As Your Captains, Veteran Teammates, Or How About The Person That Made The Dam League, The Commissioner. Asking Questions And Getting Answers Are Going To Help You Understand The League And Game Even More. You Can’t Be A Winner Without Caring, And That Is One Of The First Steps. Caring.