CFL Season 30 Outlook

Season 30 Is Right Around The Corner. It Will Start Thursday Night, When The Eagles Take On The Vikings At Home. This Upcoming Season Has Tremendous Hype. Because Of The Draft, New Teams, And The Fact That Season 29 Was Extremely Promising. The League Was The Most Active It Had Been In Years. So With A Season That Has A Lot Of Excitement And Promise Surrounding It, Let’s Take A Look At Every Team, And Get An Outlook On CFL Season 30!

Vikings Draft Stud RB, Look To Have Record-Setting Offense

The Minnesota Vikings Had A Good Offense Going Into The Off-Season. They Had XChilling, One Of The Better Quarterbacks In The League, Darwin, The Best Wide Receiver In The League, Javon, And Other Good Pieces. But In This Past Draft, The Vikings Made An Interesting Decision By Drafting Andre Flight. A Great Running Back Prospect Who Could Flourish In This Offense That’s Already Filled With Playmakers. The Vikings Offense With Another Great Player Could Really Explode. After Already Being Good The Season Before. They Do Have Problems On Defense. Their Cornerbacks Gave Up Tons Of Yards Last Season, And There Was Absolutely No Pass Rush. But With A Good Coach Like Monkey_God, And The Talent That’s On This Roster, That Might Get Fixed. If It Does, This Team Is Easily A Bloxx Bowl Contender. They Made It The Season Before, And With A Lot Of Players Back For This Season, There’s No Reason To Believe They Can’t Make It Again. We All Can’t Wait To See Some Sick Stats After Vikings Games!

Falcons Draft Their Franchise Quarterback, But Can He Handle The Spotlight With A Championship-Caliber Roster?

The Atlanta Falcons Made A Pretty Good Decision This Past Draft By Drafting 1234bx5. A Talented Quarterback From UCF, In The 1st Round. This Decision Isn’t That Surprising. Last Season They Switched Quarterbacks Every Week. The Two Being BtheBeast12211 And Boofahhdummyy. But They Are Better Suited At The Wide Receiver Spots, So It Only Made Sense To Draft A True Quarterback Who Can Really Master Coach King’s Offensive Scheme. Where Things Get Concerning, Is That You Drafted A Rookie Quarterback When You Already Have A Championship-Caliber Team. The Falcons Went 5-1 Last Season. A Few Seasons Before That, They Went To The Bloxx Bowl. Rookie Quarterbacks Need Multiple Games To Get Used To CFL. Just Like How It Takes You And Me To Get Used To A Video Game. The Big Question Is, Will 123 Hold This Team Back Because Of Him Being A Rookie? Or Because Of The Phenomenal Talent That’s On This Roster, The Falcons Will Get Immediate Production Out Of Him? Time Will Only Tell, And That’s Why We Play The Games. So That We Can Answer These Important Questions As The Falcons Look To Re-Capture The NFC!

Eagles Rebuild Is Complete, Team Aims To Be Competitive Again

The Eagles Were The Worst Team In The League Last Season. Going 0-5-1, And Thereby Acquiring The 1st Overall Pick. They Also Made A Trade In The Off-Season That Acquired Them More Picks. Then They Cleaned Out Their Roster. A Total Rebuild. They Drafted Grass With The 1st Overall Pick, Drafted Some Promising Wide Receivers, Players With Potential On Defense, And Then Drafted A Talented Quarterback Named Chrizz. Who They Think Can Be Their Franchise Quarterback. It’s A Completely New Team. 80% Of The Team Are Rookies. With JTS As The Head Coach, It’s Hard To Predict Where This Team Could Go. But Now They Have The Pieces In Place To Really Come Back As A Franchise. The Future Is Bright For The Eagles, And Now Let’s See How Competitive They Can Be!

49ers Revamp Their Roster, How Will The Young Team Fare In The NFC?

The 49ers, Similar To The Eagles Last Season, Had A Crappy Roster. Resulting In A 2-4 Record, The 2nd Overall Pick, And A Complete Roster Sweep. In The Off-Season, They Acquired A Quarterback From A Trade, Signed An Offensive Lineman In Free Agency, And In The Draft Stole Cyber 2nd Overall. Who Looks To Give Them An Added Boost On Defense. Specifically In The Secondary. Along With Some Other Solid Players That Were Drafted, The 49ers Look To Compete Just Like The Eagles With Their New And Young Roster. But This Is A League. Wins Can’t Be Handed To Everybody. Somebody Needs To Hold All Of The L’s In The Division. Will It Be The 49ers? Well, We Have To See. But After All This Team Is Completely New, And Has No Head Coach. They Have Some Juggernauts To Face Like The Falcons And The Vikings. So Let’s See If They Can Do Anything. Challenging But Exciting Times Lye Ahead For Big Red.

Ravens Set To Pick Up Where They Left Off

The Ravens Are The Team To Beat In CFL. They Have The Best Quarterback In The League, Oklemmons, An Amazing Receiver, ItsmeLexxiehehe, And No Question, The Best Defensive Line Group In The League. Led By Great Players Like Cashmoney012419, Nahlat6, And IsaiahOriolo. Who Led The League In Team Sacks. They Had A Great Draft Class Too. Drafting Some Solid Receivers, And Running Backs That Can Take The Pressure Off Of Lexi. The Ravens Are The Defending Bloxx Bowl Champions, And Their Core Players Are Back, All Together In Their 2nd Seasons. There Are No Positional Flaws. It’s An Elite Team, And The Most Complete Team In The League. Time For Them To Pick Up Where They Left Off. Winning Games, And Winning Championships.

The Colts Aren’t Going Anywhere

The Colts Are A Forgotten Team. Primarily Due To The Ravens Emergence. But They Have Made Some Very Impressive Moves This Past Off-Season That’s Going To Keep Them Competitive. After A Couple Of Their Good Players Retiring, And Some Other Players Getting Released, The Colts Made Some Impressive Trades For Picks, And In The Draft, Got Some Undercover Steals In Players Like Mango, Duck, And Jupe. They Still Have Hoppa, Shadow, King, And Overall Solid Depth. So This Isn’t A Team That’s Going To Lay Down Just Because The Ravens Are The Top Dogs Now. The Colts Still Have A Very Solid Team, And A Good Coach In Whale That Motivates His Players And Puts Them In The Best Positions To Succeed. Are They Loaded With Talent Like The Vikings, Falcons, And Ravens? Is Their Defense As Elite As It Once Was? Maybe Not. But The Colts Aren’t Going Anywhere. By The End Of The Season, This Team Will Be In The Play-Off Picture Just Like How They’ve Been The Last 3 Seasons.

Spook And The Bills Aren’t Playing Any Games

Disappointment Has Been The Word That’s Defined The Bills For The Last 3 Seasons. Last Season Was An All-Time Low. 2-4, And The 3rd Overall Pick. But With That 3rd Overall Pick, They Drafted The Best Wide Receiver In The Draft, Spinna. Along With Spook, And Some Other Good Receivers, Running Backs, And Cornerbacks, This Team Has Enough Talent To Do Something. To Make An Impact On Their Division And Make Their Statement. Spook And Spin Plan To Lead The Bills To A Play-Off Berth After A Historic Stinker Last Season.

Raiders Head Coach Polarbeartorch (Jr_Dior), Will Be Fired And Kicked Out Of The League Forever If He Doesn’t Go At Least 3-3

The Raiders Are At The Bottom Of The League. Their Roster Isn’t Completely Trash, More So High Quality Garbage. These Players Need To Step Up. Especially If They Want To Keep Their Head Coach. Who Is Rocking A 5-13 Total Record. The Raiders Are Just Awful. You Got To Feel Bad For The Players When Their Coach Does Them No Favors. He Traded For Garbage Players In The Off-Season, And Skipped The Draft To Go Play Roleplay Games. This Team Has Very Little Talent, They Have To Face Good Teams Like The Colts And The Ravens, And Only 4 Out Of The 10 Players On The Team Has Played A Game. It’s A Dumpster Fire In Vegas. It’s Going To Be A Comedy Show All Season Long. The Raiders Will Go From Garbage, To A Completely Destroyed Football Team. Inside And Out. 0-6 Season Ahead. With Polar Losing His Job, The Raiders Getting The 1st Overall Pick, And Finally, A New Chapter In The AFC.

Rankings Going Into The Season


  1. Ravens
  2. Vikings
  3. Falcons
  4. Colts
  5. Eagles
  6. 49ers
  7. Bills
  8. Raiders


  1. Ravens
  2. Falcons
  3. Colts
  4. Bills
  5. 49ers
  6. Vikings
  7. Eagles
  8. Raiders

MVP Favorites

  1. Oklemmons, (TheKingBlack) Ravens
  2. UnderPugz, (Darwin) Vikings
  3. CrHoppa, (Hoppa) Colts
  4. Qbhn, (Spook) Bills
  5. Boofahhdummyy, (michaeljordan) Falcons

Offensive Rookie Of The Season Favorites

  1. 33333xmanthebest, (AndreFlight) Vikings RB
  2. Brxdiiex, (Grass) Eagles OL
  3. 1234bx5, (C4t_werybboi) Falcons QB

Defensive Rookie Of The Season Favorites

  1. saskue1443, (Yum) (Aka Cyber) 49ers CB
  2. Spinna2fine, (YT_spinna) Bills LB
  3. sc6utxz, (trix) Ravens CB

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