CFL Week 4 Mail Bag

What’s CFL Mail Bag? : CFL Mail Bag Is A Weekly News Forum That Shares Information From All Around The League. The Article’s Intensions Are Purely Just To Share Information, Rumors, And Rule Changes That All Players Are Welcomed To Know. These Forums Don’t Take Shots At The Players, Teams, Or Stats. Truth And Facts Only. The Promised Mail Bag Release Is Every Tuesday, Which Is When The New Week Officially Begins. Enjoy!

Top News

Cowboys QB Gameboyz11 Demands Trade After Blowout Loss To The Packers

This Past Sunday, The Cowboys Took On The Packers At Home. Where They Were Destroyed By 20 Points. They Only Had 1 Offensive Catch The Entire Game, And Rookie QB Gameboyz11 Was Sacked 5 Times, And Threw 2 Interceptions To The DE. The Game Was Completely Frustrating For The Entire Team. Not Being Able To Get The Ball Out In Time Definitely Hurt Their Chances, And Because Of Poor Blocking And Respect Issues That Have Lasted All Season Long, QB Gameboyz Has Had Enough. Numerous Reports On The Group Wall And From Teammates Have Stated That Gameboyz Has Officially Demanded A Trade. About A Day After The Demand, The QB Was Reportedly Spamming On The Group Wall About Wanting To Be On The Ravens. When You Have This Going On, Being 0-3, And Still Being A Toxic Team Is Only An Equation For Trouble. The Cowboys Have Got To Clean Up Their Offensive Line. They Have Allowed 11 Sacks In 3 Games, And Have Allowed An Epic 22 QB Pressures. Those Are Both CFL Records. It’s No Surprise That The Quarterback Wants Out Of Dallas. The Team Hasn’t Even Found Their Footing, And The Communication Between These Players Are Just Terrible. But Many Reports Argue That Gameboyz Is A Toxic Player, Who Wanted To Leave The Team Before This Game. If True, You Could Say This Game Was The Final Straw. As Far As Gameboyz Being Allowed A Trade, We Will Have To See In The Later Weeks About This Report. But If Things Will Be Done His Way, There Are Some Teams That Could Use A Quarterback. Like The 49ers, Dolphins, And Ravens. Gameboyz Is A Potential Franchise Quarterback If A Team Knows What There Doing With Him. Only Time Can Tell. But Maybe Another Loss Might Just Seal The Team’s Fate. Not For The Season, But For The Franchise.

Dolphin’s Captains, Syre And Royal, Could Potentially Get Fired After 0-3 Start

The Miami Dolphins Are Easily The Worst Team In The League. What’s Makes Them Worse Than The Cowboys Is That They Don’t Even Show Up. In The Dolphin’s 1st Game Without A Forefit, Quarterback Syre Omega Was Sacked Twice, Thru 4 Interceptions, And Was Pressured More Than 8 Times. That It’s Self Contributes To A Toxic Offensive Line That Didn’t Care About Protecting His Quarterback. The Wide Receivers Were Playing Lazy All Day And The Defense Was Atrocious. Giving Up 3 TDs In Less Than 6 Minutes. By The Way, A Quarter In The CFL Is 5. The Dolphins Have Absolultey No Structure, No Motivated Culture, No Team Progress, And Surely No Care To Even Show Up To A Game. We Are Talking About A Team That Has A Chance To Become The First 0-6 Team In CFL’s 4 Year History. 4 Years. Not 4 Weeks, Not Last Month, 4 Whole Years Of 365 Days. Don’t Think It’s Over, There’s Much More. We Haven’t Even Gotten Into The Meat And Potatoes About How Bad The Team Is. The Only Game They Played Looked Like Their Highest Potential For The Entire Season. The Team Has Missed 2 Straight Games After That Tragedy Of A Loss. But Usually The Blame Falls Onto The Captains Since They Are Responsible For How The Team Executes Plays, Games, And Culture. Everyone Knows They Haven’t Came Close To Doing Any Of That. These Captains Are Definitely On The Hot Seat. Syre And Royal Have Had More Then A Few Opportunities To Clean Up Their Mistakes And Turn Around The Team. But It’s Hard To Say That Matters At This Point. This Is Another Team That Won’t See The Light Until The Final Decision Is Made On The Dolphin’s Captains. They’ve Done Absolutely Nothing With Their Team. The Dolphins Need To Win, Or Else There Will Be Consequences.

CFL Set To Have AFC Teams Face NFC Teams For The First Time In League History

CFL Has Been Around Since May 2016. We Have Followed A Very Traditional And Rather Strict Schedule. Where Teams In The NFC Play The NFC. Then The Teams In The AFC Play The AFC. For All Veterans, You Know That The Only Time You Face Other AFC Players Is If It’s In The Pro Bowl Or Bloxx Bowl. Well This Whole Idea Is About To Change. When CFL Switched To A 6-Game Schedule In September Of 2019, That Would Mean You Would Face A Certain Team Twice. Well CFL Has Decided To Re-Vamp It’s Format. For The Better, And Also To Ramp Up Competition. It Was Officially Announced On Monday That AFC Teams Will Be Facing NFC Teams PERMANENTLY. Every Team Will Face 2 Teams In The Separate Division. Who You Face Simply Depends On Your Record. If Your 0-3, Your Facing The Other 0-3 Team. If Your 3-0, Your Facing The Other 3-0 Team. Once Those 1st Set Of Games Are Wrapped Up, The Next Week, You Would Face The Team With The Closest Record To Yours As Of That Moment. Thursday Night’s Game Is The Chiefs Vs Falcons, So It’s Somewhat Reversed. But This Is A Game That Everyone Would Love To See. This Will Be Our Set Up For This Season. Changes Are Always Made. This Format Is Definitely Beneficial To All Teams. That Way, A Terrible Team Doesn’t Have To Get Mauled Repeatedly. Every Team Has An Opportunity To At Least Get 1 Win, And All Of The Better Teams Can Face The Other Good Ones Earlier, Rather Then Having To Wait All The Way To The Bloxx Bowl. For This Season, The Games Won’t Be Mixed. You Will Just Finish Facing Your Own Divisional Opponents, Which You Have, Then Face 2 Other Separate Divisional Opponents. Good Luck To All Teams! Enjoy The Games.

Players Of The Week

Offensive Player Of The Week (Week 3)
Atlanta Falcons QB - BIGTORO316

9/28 Vs 49ers: 7/9, 186 Yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs
Seasonal Offensive Stats: 19/27, (70% Completion) , 507 Yards, 10 TDs, 2 INTs

The Atlanta Falcons Have Had A Hot Start To The Season. Going 3-0 So Far, Having Acceptable Lineman Play, Active Players, Decent WRs, And Their MVP Candidate QB Throwing 10 TDs In Only 3 Games! The Falcons Have A Couple Of Issues Going Into Their Thursday Night Game Vs The Chiefs. #1 WR AJ Sofia Has Had More Then 84% Of The Team’s WR Targets The Entire Season. Which Means Any WR Besides AJ Is Getting Less Than Or Equal To 3 Catches A Game. The Biggest Worry Is Can The Offense Hold Up If AJ Ever Gets Slowed Down. Most Likely They Will Be Fine. But Their Last 3 Opponents Have Been Unprepared Teams With Mobile CBs. So We Just Need To See Where The Cards Fall This Thursday. Congratulations To BIGTORO316 For His Amazing Season So Far.

Defensive Player Of The Week (Week 3)

Green Bay Packers DE/DT - kingjor46

9/28 Vs Cowboys: 3 Tackles, 5 Sacks, 2 INTs
Seasonal Defensive Stats: 4 Tackles, 7 Sacks, 2 INTS, 15 QB Pressures

The Green Bay Packers Defense Has Been Improving By The Minute. Even Though They Took On A Dysfunctional Dallas Cowboys Team, They Still Showed Some True Talent Besides The Mess That Happened On The Field. One Of Those Talents Was Green Bay Packers Defensive End/ Defensive Tackle, Kingjor46. This Past Sunday, He Racked Up 3 Tackles ,5 Sacks, and 2 INTs. Which Sets The Packer’s Team Record For Most Tackles, INTs, And Sacks All In The Same Game. Kingjor46 Is Mainly A Mobile. Lots Of Players In CFL Despise Mobiles. Since They Are Rewarded With Lots Of Speed Due To Their Inabilities To Dive And Sprint. But The Packer’s DE Was No Such Thing, As Each Sack Was Awarded By Using His Deadly Spin Moves, Push Technique, And Hard Effort. Congratulations To Kingjor46.