CFrame and how to get it and apply it

Hello, I’m relatively new to scripting and have a hard time understanding CFrame and how it works, I’ve used CFrame in the past like making the HumanoidRootPart’s CFrame to match a part to then teleport the player, but I still don’t know how a CFrame’s position and orientation are any different.

Can someone give me examples of a part’s CFrame position and orientation and how I’d apply that, not like a big chunk of code by like “Part1.CFrame = Part2.CFrame” and how you’d get the rotation/orientation of a part with CFrame. I’m new to CFrame and I understand it’s uses and need to improve.

Any and all help is appreciated, means a lot to me even if you simply took the time to read this.

from what I understand, CFrame is basically the parts current position in vector 3 (vector 3 is X,Y,Z in that order) however position is the value of the Cframe, so its basically the same thing. so you would use

local part = game.Workspace.Part
local block = game.Workspace.Block
part.CFrame = -- creates a new Cframe for the part
--then add the blocks position
part.CFrame = -- adds the position of "block"

``` that will move the part to the block.

orientation is the rotation of the part in x,y,z.  Its a little more confusing but same concept.  

local part = workspace.Part
part.Orientation =, 0, 0) --rotates the part

make sure to use for orientation and for cframes

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