CFrame Animations, easy animation maker

Hello, I am ZDevZ12 or better known as Litio.

this is my module called CFrame Animations

What is this module for?

Convert animations into code, this way you can
get the animations and apply them to an motor6D or a block.

How i can use this?

Simple, you just have to get the model,
This model already has a demo script
along with some basic instructions of what
you have to do.


This will be your block to which you will make animations,
you can make animations with the roblox plugin or
with any external plugin.

the animation works with easing style and easing directions,
you can also configure the variable “Loop” or make it the
same as the sequence.


  • Set
    To configure the animation sequence.

  • Play
    To start the animation

  • Stop
    To stop the animation

  • Pause
    To pause the animation.

  • AdjustWeight
    To adjust the weight of the animation

  • AdjustSpeed
    To adjust the animation speed

I’m thinking of adding an update that allows you to do the same but with animations of real characters, and that you can control each part of the body separately, what do you think?

this was mainly done for my game CONFLICTS


This is interesting. I tried doing something similar, but failed.

If you added support for character limbs and some sort of blending/priority system, I would use this over the built in animation system

you can currently combine animations with the AdjustWeight function and by multiplying the cframes.

Yes, I am working on an update for r6, r15 and custom characters

I will make another module that allows rigs, this module seems perfect for simple animations that do not need a module as big as the one I plan to make.

For example a camera animation or a swing of a part, this is great as you don’t need a humanoid to apply the animation to

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Hey, are you still working on this? I’d love to use it for rig animations that work in any game because currently Roblox doesn’t let you do that.

can you provide a place where theres a rig with animation playing pose(idle) and other animations playing at the same time?

Use this plugin instead