CFrame doors are getting messed up by vehicle chassis | Is there a way to prevent it?

Hi everyone, this is quite complicated but I’ll try to explain. Basically, what’s happening is I have doors that use CFrames on my train which are set to move a certain distance when a button is pushed, I’ve found that because the train welds everything together, they don’t work unless anchored. However, this is only when the train hasn’t moved somewhere… If it is anchored after movement, the doors seem to think they are in a different place to where they actually are and do the movements they’re supposed to, just in the complete wrong direction and place. It may be an issue with my scripting, I’m not 100% sure so I will post it.

If you have ANY ideas on how this could be fixed it’d be great (I spent quite a while making them and don’t really want to have to change system if I don’t have to.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Did you ever find out what was wrong??
As I have the same problem and idk how to fix it