CFrame! (For Hire) Roblox Roller Coaster Designer and Builder

Have you ever wanted a rollercoaster designed specifically for your own liking? Well, that’s why I’m here to help! I am an experienced rollercoaster developer and designer who can make rides to your own needs.

About my Product and Service

My rollercoasters are designed in NoLimits 2, a professional program used to simulate rollercoasters in realism. They are designed to have correct shaping and be smooth using PGS Roblox physics, and now CFrame in certain circumstances! I can complete my coasters from the designing phase to finishing the supports in 2-7 days. My coasters do not have to be fully completed. Although I can’t do a shuttle mode, I can make an entrance or an element standalone for a visual. I have a very flexible service and I am available at 2-10 PM EST.

Why choose me over others?

You should choose me over other rollercoaster designers because my coasters are of high quality, and the goal is for perfection in every creation. I am always building at my full potential, and the end result will always be very good.


Prices range from R$2500 - R$15000 for PGS, and R$4000 - R$20000 for CFrame. Includes the complete ride including track and supports. The price will depend on the size, and how difficult the elements are to make on the coaster.

Examples of my Work

(Not All Complete)

Previous commisions

Contact Information

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at Umpire#8048
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading!


Suggest hiring him, Hes a really nice dude and amazing to work with!

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Just sent a request. Looking forward to something sick. B)

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Look forward to working with you!

How much are your services, and do you run them on cframe or pgs? Also those coasters look great, not exactly looking for a coaster builder right at this moment but I would like to know just so I know for the future! :smiley:

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There is the prices, and my coasters use PGS

CFrame is now available!

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If you are interested in my CFrame, the following things need to come into consideration.

  1. Must be a full circuit coaster.
  2. Train must be finalized and ready.

If you have a premade coaster, I can CFrame it if the compiled track(Grey pieces) is with it. (Cheaper)

Currently I only have 1.2k in funds and I am looking for a layout only. (I can track it and do supports etc)
Do you think you will do a certain layout for me with that, it’s a recreation of one irl.

Friend me on discord so we can talk further if need be, Adamm#0966

(Sent you a friend request)

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I added you on discord. Hope to do business with you!

Love his worked. He did an amazing job with my order would order from him.

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An excellent helper, he was very responsive and got the job done extremely quick. There was never a time where I felt like my project wasn’t in the best hands. Would definitely hire again.

Some extra insight:
The project he helped with was a rollercoaster I built/designed, but he CFramed it for me and made it work flawlessly. Many others looked at it but weren’t able to make it work properly so it was a big relief that Umpireboy could.

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Hi, your work looks amazing ive sent you a friend request on discord, my username is samantoe, hopefully you will be able to get back to me.