Cframe help needed

I need some help with the gun system i use. I really want to know how to use cframe and how to make gun animations with it. For example, This

I do not know how to use cframe :slightly_frowning_face: and i would appriciate resources, 1on1 help to make cframe animations.

I highly recommend having a look at this on how CFrame works and how to use it.


Hello there, there has been a really recent post about understanding CFrames, the basics of it and the math behind it.
Here you can find the resource and ask if anything is unclear about it.

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From what i see this seems like alot of math and stuff that will be hard to learn, i am willing to try it so i will see how it goes, Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, definitely give it a try. You can also contact the person who posted the tutorial if you have any questions. I’m sure they’ll be very helpful. Carry on !

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Thanks! Hope you have a nice day!! :sun_with_face::sunflower:

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Thanks. Will do, as there is a lot of stuff i will try it.

I don’t think making animations using CFrames manually is a good idea, use roblox animations instead

But, im using BCWS. It is an engine that runs on cframes, and idk what to do about that because that gun system is my favorite :slightly_frowning_face: