CFrame is working in studio but not server

I am trying to move a ladder, in the studio it works just fine, however, in a real server it does not.
What I am using is this,

	local rotation =  CFrame.Angles(0, math.rad(.3), 0)

		local modelCFrame = Model:GetPivot()
		local modelCFrame2 =  workspace.Part2Pivot:GetPivot()

		workspace.Part2Pivot:PivotTo(modelCFrame2 * rotation)
		Model:PivotTo(modelCFrame * rotation)
		CurrentRotateValueRightLeft = CurrentRotateValueRightLeft - 1

Before I do this, I set the Worldpivot of the ladder model I am rotating to this,

	Model.WorldPivot =  workspace.Part2Pivot.WorldPivot

I believe this is the part that is the issue, because before hand when I rotated the ladder up, the pivot would change and make turning left and right tilted, so here I am setting the pivot to that so it never changes and rotates the way it does shown in studio.

Video of it not working server : Notworking

Video of it working studio : Working