CFrame Issue with my tool

I am making like a hospital game , but need a a tool in the game which can be used to inject patients . The tool has a needle . I will explain the issue now but here is an image of the very poorly made tool .

So that is what it looks like for now but the blue part is the needle .
The problem is I want it so that whenever you activate the tool the needle part will move away from the player and like come out to inject the subject or whatever .
Kind of like this :

Only problem is that I don’t know how to make this happen as a tool .
Can someone please give me a script that will make this happen .

Also here are all the parts of the tool .

Hi there! to get the needle out of the tool the easiest way to do that is by creating and animation with it! There is a great devforum post about this and recommend that you read it!

After you create the animation, you can make the tool when activated, play the animation :smiley:!

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Oh thank you . I will read up on it and if it helps ill mark your post a solution . So i will be afk for a while . :slight_smile:

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