CFrame Math to always obtain 10 studs behind a CFrame object, with respect to orientation and direction

Trying to set a CFrame of an object 10 studs behind another object using their CFrame, but so far none of the resources I looked help have helped as they seemingly dont respect the orientation/direction of the object wondering if someone can help out.

To Create an Offset, do this:

YourPart.CFrame = AnotherPart.CFrame +,0,-10)

perhaps there is something wrong with my cframes as that was one of the equations i used and it always made the object towards the right of the cframe :thinking:

To create an offset based on the current orientation would be

ThePart.CFrame = ThePart.CFrame *, 0, -5)

That causes an offset exactly 5 studs in front, based on the orientation where the part is facing

Can you show your script?


--obtaining origin and direction (used for cframe)
local Origin 		= WeaponInHand.Handle.Muzzle.WorldPosition
local Direction 	= WeaponInHand.Handle.Muzzle.WorldCFrame.LookVector + (WeaponInHand.Handle.Muzzle.WorldCFrame.UpVector * (((WeaponData.BulletDrop * WeaponData.CurrentZero/4)/WeaponData.MuzzleVelocity))/2)

local BulletCF 		=, Direction) 

--for viewing i cloned a bullet to be visible and it seems to always spawn in one area of the world

local Cloning ="Part",workspace)
		Cloning.Name = plr.Name.."_Bullet"
		Cloning.CanCollide = false
		Cloning.Shape = Enum.PartType.Ball
		Cloning.Transparency = 1
		Cloning.Size =,1,1)


me walking backwards while shooting

This is because (I think) you are creating a new CFrame, the script is trying to look for a Instances CFrame

if you mean for bulletcf no, i tested (seperately, not shown in sample code) with using the muzzle.worldcframe, and handle.cframe (not using, direction) and i get similar results

I believe it depends on the axis you are offsetting from…

Try changing the axis of the -10 to :
and if those don’t work then change the -10 to a positive 10

I really think that adding the offset with wont work correctly, cause its based on World Coordinates
Should be:

Try this:

		Cloning.CFrame= WeaponInHand.Handle.Muzzle.WorldCFrame  * BulletCF +,0,-10)

Remive The BulletCF if it doesnt work idk

this is what happened when i shot in place at the spawn location and rotated 360 degrees

it spawns no where close for whatever reason

though it does follow the player, I may have to manually test and fine the offset value…

idk it just doesnt seem to be working tbh and i dont know why

solved by using lookvector

ClonedBullet.CFrame = BulletCF+(-10*WeaponInHand.Handle.Muzzle.WorldCFrame.LookVector)

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