CFrame not working properly

So I found myself editing FE Gun Kit Viewmodel and I ran into an issue where when I aim, the viewmodel doesn’t go where it is supposed to:
Not Inversed.wmv (1.2 MB)
As you can see, the viewmodel is not going to the attachment (green circle)
So I tried inversing the CFrame:
Inversed.wmv (1.6 MB)

But it didn’t fix the issue.


-- this is a module
):Inverse() -- In this example it is inversed


local aimOffset = require(Camera.Arms:FindFirstChild("aimOffset"))
					local aimcf = interpolator(aimOffset)
                    cf = cf * aimcf(aim)
-- aim is a spring created for aiming
-- cf is the viewmodel's CFrame

All help is appreciated

I don’t really know what could cause a problem, try that script for the aimOffset:

-- this is a module
local aimPoint = script.Parent.Handle.AimPoint

return CFrame.lookAt(aimPoint.Position, aimPoint.CFrame.p)

Now the viewmodel doesnt appear, and i cant find its position.

, but I tried it without the :inverse() and it didn’t fix the issue

– this is a local script
local offset = require(script.Parent.aimOffset)

local viewModel = script.Parent.Model

local gun = script.Parent.Parent.Parent

local handle = script.Parent.Handle

local aim = handle:WaitForChild(“AimPoint”)

local handleCF = handle.CFrame
local aimCF = aim.CFrame
while true do
viewModel.PrimaryPart = handle
viewModel.SecondaryPart = aim
viewModel.CFrame = handleCF:ToWorldSpace(aimCF) + offset

So this is my code. I am new to roblox so I am not familiar with the ways to fix this issue.
The lua code was taken from this video: - YouTube

The problem is that the constructor takes the absolute position of the point, but you’re passing in local positions.
So instead of using, use the CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ constructor, or use CFrame.fromMatrix.
You can also use but use with the absolute position of the point, which you can get with Handle.AimPoint.Position.

where does this script go?

30 wordsssssss

Thanks for all the help, I fixed it by messing around in the offset module and it works as intended now.

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