CFrame problem!

I have no idea why I can’t seem totate the part back to his old rotation like this doesn’t work and I can;t find anything on the devforum, can somone please help me!?!

|||local xPosLastPlate = lastPlate.CFrame.Position.X|
|||local newXPosition = xPosLastPlate + 34|
|||local oldYPos = v.CFrame.Position.Y|
|||local oldZPos = v.CFrame.Position.Z|
|||local oldAngleX = v.CFrame.Orientation.X|
|||local oldAngleY = v.CFrame.Orientation.Y|
|||local oldAngleZ = v.CFrame.Orientation.Z|
|||v.CFrame =, oldYPos, oldZPos)|
|||v.CFrame = v.CFrame * CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(math.rad(oldAngleX), math.rad(oldAngleY), math.rad(oldAngleZ))|

If you just want to revert it back to the original rotation then store the old cframe in a variable and set the new cframe to * oldCFrame.Angles for example:

local part = script.Parent

local oldCFrame = part.CFrame

-- Example new CFrame
local newCFrame = part.CFrame * CFrame.Angles(200, 200, 200)
part.CFrame = newCFrame


-- Sets new angles by multiplying a new cframe containing the position by the old rotation
part.CFrame = * oldCFrame.Rotation

You could also apply the rotation in a different order using the 4th paramemter in fromEulerAngles.
Orientation and CFrame apply angles in different orders

CFrame.fromEulerAngles(x,y,z, Enum.RotationOrder.XYZ)

just make a reference to your old orientation, basically what the other guy said.

also you should close your other topic, you have two topics that are the same.

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