CFrame Questions

How do you turn an animation into CFrames, or animate CFrames. Or even animate using CFrames. I need it for a game I’m making and i currently have no resources

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The easiest way is by using TweenService. You can animate a part’s CFrame property to a specified end goal position, with various different tweening effects.


local tweenService = game:GetService("TweenService")
local brick = script.Parent

local DURATION = 3 --//How long the tween will be
local GOAL_CFRAME =, 0, 0) --//End position for the tween
local brickAnimation = tweenService:Create(brick,, {CFrame = GOAL_CFRAME})


Yes, thank you but I’m dealing with this right now.

Do I have to copy and past the positions into parts to see a preview of what the CFrames look like?

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Well animations are made of KeyFrames, these are basically CFrames that roblox loops through when playing an animation; all KeyFrames of an animation together are dubbed “KeyFrameSequence”. to animate with CFrames, you would have to make a table(sequence) of CFrames that you would then have to loop through and translate the basepart that you want to animate using the cframes. Now I strongly don’t recommend this - as its what roblox does for you. Use Cframes only to make transformations that aren’t really “animations” in the sense that we know animations as, but rather just “moving” a part; - you can use this in conjunction with TweenService to make smooth transformations.

is there something that I am not understanding about your question?