CFrame rotation weird!

I don’t know why roblox makes it so hard to rotate something, but I just can’t seem to move a model 34 studs on the X from the last plate in a row without rotating it weird. I want it to just be the same rotation but it doesnnt work for some reason. i’ve tried everyting look at my other posts can someone hlep me with it please!?!

||local amountOfRows = #platesFolder:GetChildren()|
||local lastRow = platesFolder:FindFirstChild(Row..tostring(amountOfRows))|
||local lastPlate = lastRow:FindFirstChild(Plate)|
||local newXPos = lastPlate.CFrame.Position.X|
||local oldYPos = winnersPlace.PrimaryPart.CFrame.Position.Y|
||local oldZPos = winnersPlace.PrimaryPart.CFrame.Position.Z|
||winnersPlace:MoveTo(, oldYPos, oldZPos))|
winnersPlace:SetPrimaryPartCFrame( lastPlate.CFrame *, 0, 0)) )

but the height of the winners plate needs to be the same only the X needs to change and the rotation changes for somereason to wich I don’t want

The line I gave shouldn’t change the height or the rotation.

yes becuase you putting the model at the same height as the lastplate