CFrame working very odd

today, i made sword on back but it doesn’t work completely right. sometimes the sword doesn’t get welded to the torso and just falls in the workspace. and sometimes sword position is a different position.

Server Script

		local Handle = game.ServerStorage.handleWeapons.BusterSwordHandle:Clone()
		Handle.Parent = Character:WaitForChild("ToolHandleAccessory")
		local WeldCon ="WeldConstraint",Character:WaitForChild("Torso"))
		WeldCon.Enabled = true
		WeldCon.Part0 = Handle
		WeldCon.Part1 = Character.Torso
		Handle.CFrame =,Character.Torso.Position.Y,Character.Torso.Position.Z)+  Handle.Configuration.Postion.Value
		Handle.Orientation = Handle.Configuration.Orientation.Value

also Handle.Configuration.Postion.Value =, 0, -0.598) and Handle.Configuration.Orientation.Value =, 0, 145)

Try setting the CFrame before making the weld constraint.

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