CFrameValue Has No Value?

I’m trying to save a CFrame value in a CFrame instance but it says that there is no value property which there isn’t.
So I basically just need to know how to save a CFrame to this.

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There is no CFrame property in parts, But you can use CFrame in scripts.

There should be a Value properties. (Try creating new CFrameValue)

That’s why I was super confused when I was reading the Roblox API, it says there should be a value property but there isn’t. I can make countless new ones but they are all the same.

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This is suppose to be a CFrame container, this is literally its entire purpose.

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What about restarting the Studio?

If it doesn’t work again, I believe this is a #bug-reports:studio-bugs

Not sure.

A CFrame value could be only set with scripts. Try using CFrameValue.Value in your script, see what it does.

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So you’re telling me that a CFrame Container can’t contain a CFrame?

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Properties of CFrame values do not show up in the properties widget. This is by design. It would be tedious to edit those 12 values and you could accidentally mess up the rotation etc.


Make a test script and add an CFrameValue in the workspace, add this in the script:

local value = workspace.CFrameValue
value.Value =,0,0) 

I see… Now I know. (I remember that CFrame has so many parameters that it makes me confused all the way at the end of it.)

Thanks for this.

I found my mistake, when I was declaring the Instance’s variable in my code I accidentally added a “.Value” to the end. Thanks for the help…