Chain breaks out

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Hi, this is basic but everytime the chain (object) is moved the objects sperates not staying tougher.


Are they all one mesh part or model?

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If they were unions, I can say that it’s a lag (If the unions were made by cutting parts)
If there were mesh parts? You should fix the collisions
If they were parts. Well It should be not happening

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It stays toughter but when a player moves it it seprates

You mean the chain brake or, did not attach the other so become one by one?
I just want to know what is the chain made of, Parts? Mesh Parts? or Unions?

try make one with parts So they have better collisions

try to connect them not by roblox physics but with roblox built in constraints instead

it is from blender as a mesh part is a video

Ok that is the problem, mesh parts physics are not realistic (The collisions due to how you make them)

So just use this built in constraints, just like Airzy_Az just said

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I get it but if i am making this in blender what do i do or how to active it

Maybe you can fix The, Collisions and reupload again (or make one with parts), Or you can connect them with this

There are some options here

Most people use :
Ball In Socket
But maybe for this you can use Rope and move the Point to the Mid of the chain (One)

If they are all one mesh then make sure every single link is has massless set to true